Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spiritual Career

These words don't initially seem conflicting: Spiritual and Career. And yet they ARE. 

Went to apply as a graphic designer today for a position at a Christian Education Group. Was doing great fill out out the 4 page online application until I came to a disclaimer.

You are RECQUIRED to acknowledge the spiritual belief in the following: 

#1 There is only one God. Ok sounds good, I agree. 

#2 Jesus was God enfleshed, died, was resurrected, and is the Savior of mankind. Yup still good. 

#3 All people can be saved from sin through the grace of Jesus' sacrifice. Have some differing opinions and revelations on the concept of "sin" but for the overall purpose of this survey, sure I agree. 

#4 ALL employees must adhere to moral conduct excluding immoral sexual behaviors including Homosexuality, Transgender Appearance and Behavior, Non-conformance to traditional roles of male/female behavior... 

So basically you can be involved in the church and receive God's grace as all humans are able unless your a member of the LGTQ+ community -in which case, you're screwed. 

I was very disheartened that even by supporting Gay Rights and respecting the ensouled free will and autonomy of gay people, I would be excluded from this position. 

And for gay people to be singled out that much. No other groups were mentioned. Not Racists. Not Sexists. Not... just Gays. 

It is my belief above all others that God loves His creations infinitely more than they tend to extend love to one another here on earth. Though we may stand eye to eye, soul to soul, hand in hand -humankind has less tangible love extended through compassionate understanding than a deity who has spent thousands of years Physically unable to reach humanity on this planet. So much is the love of God that he would suffer one of the gravest deaths just to get the message of that love to ALL -indiscriminately, non-judgmentally, inclusively, embracingly, unifyingly, with no barrier or exceptions. 

I pity the weakness of men's souls as they are often found in religion. That they may hold in their hands the written words of wisdom but time and time again FAIL to either genuinely comprehend or uphold those values in their own lives even though they hypocritically claim to. 

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