Thursday, March 17, 2016

Angel Cards #6

Been so busy running around, job searching, reuniting with PHB again... Haven't done much of the cards myself or tracked the messages -although I did get 2 more sets of cards (one with Saints and Spiritual Figures and the other with Totem Animals). 

The weather has been changing a lot so the theme of this past week was, "Holy crap these allergies are insane and I feel extremely tired and fatigued." The Angel Cards tended to match. 

Doreen, March 8th: Nature itself is going through a big, spiritual shift right now.

Me, March 8th: When I got this card I knew things were going to be ok no matter how they turned out so I should stop worrying. The card of the Angel holding the white Dove actually reminded me of the image I created for that Christian book not that long ago.

Doreen, March 9th: On this night my soul rose to Heaven -which souls are capable of doing with the Holy Spirit so long as your own Holy Spirit can "hold down the fort" inside you. It felt like a breakthrough night. The card Doreen drew illustrated exactly how I felt. 

Doreen, March 10th: The morning after the cards drawn seemed to echo the events of the previous night. 

Me, March 10th: Card I drew basically saying, don't neglect your book projects -they will SUCCEED.

Doreen March 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th: Again it was the message of take care of your stress level and your Body/Health. 

Me, March 13th: I went with my step-mom to Boulder, CO to shop for a belated birthday present for me. Loved the artwork there and the spiritual shops. Got a new deck of cards there and this was the first one I pulled: 

Doreen, March 16th: Been having self-doubt issues and wanting to settle for a plug-in job that will make me good money but allows for very little creativity and self expression. Money v. Passion when I want it to be both. 

Doreen, March 17th: More encouragement towards books being written and creative projects pursued. 

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