Thursday, March 17, 2016

Re: Last Post

The night i posted the last blog saying that I was 2 and a half/3rds Christians because I don't regularly go to church anymore and I don't read from the Bible as often as I used to I got this message from above:

You PRAY. Prayer is essential to be a Christian or following just about any other faith. Direct communication with God and Heaven is everything. 

And I seek connection through meditation DAILY -10 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night. Sometimes more. 

Another significant understanding came to me as I was lying in bed thinking. As my thoughts wondered I remembered seeing a National Geographic episode on tv where basically if a new male lion casts out a former one in a pride he will then proceed to KILL all baby lions previously sired by the cast out lion. Remembering this I then decided to ask Heaven to find a way to Stop this from occurring. Lions already have enough to deal with considering EXTINCTION. 

And an interesting thing happened. I was basically THANKED by beings above for that prayer. It was a RARE one. I had tapped into a request not often given. 

Heaven NEEDS prayers and requests on behalf of the Earth so that it feels it has 1. PERMISSION to step in and 2. Encouragement that motivates them to act. And people do pray and ask for aid over a vast array of things. Group prayers and prayers in abundance help. It's basically Humans handing over the World to GOD. 

But these rare prayers are especially important because it doesn't often occur to people that "praying outside the box" could extend Heaven's reach into areas people never before considered. Feel free to pray for jut about anything. Never hesitate to ask Heaven to step in and bring Peace to a situation. 

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