Friday, June 17, 2016

Angel Cards #15

Wasn't too focused on spirituality at the beginning of this week. Was kind of out of sorts. But came back to it if for no other reason than necessity and the fact that I hate feeling that out of whack. I definitely feel better when in alignment with God and soul. 

The cards this week also weren't very on point with me -and that might be because I wasn't on point with myself. Oh wells.

Doreen June 14th:

"Don't lose sight now" is what I wrote for this card's message. I was derailed by getting kind of sick last Friday through Monday/Tuesday. I had a lot of stuff to do and absolutely no energy to do it. I was zonked and drained. So this was a reminder to take in the moment and just BREATHE. Don't worry, don't fret, don't stress -just BREATHE. 

Doreen June 16th + 17th:

June 15th I was still kind of zonked and it felt like I couldn't focus on anything to save my life. I had no desire to work and even rescheduled my weekly Wednesday call with my friend Jos to the next day. 

June 16th + 17th I got cards that spoke about relationships and friendships and I thought, "Ok cards if there's validity to this show me..." And then I went to my job search/networking group and got together with my accountability group. My group has decided to take on the task of mentoring other, less successful accountability groups within the networking group. Not my first mentoring rodeo, so I've been working to lend guidance to this. The networking group itself also needs a lot of support and help so I've been trying to contribute to that as well. 

Ended up getting called to speak/role-play for a job interview in front of the group like others had been called upon to do during that session. I was surprised how nervous I was in the beginning and how expressive and open I was towards the end of it. I hate being in front of people but I can do it if necessary. 

I think more than friendship it's about Connection and Serving groups of people by supporting them. 

The last card I got today was about Abundance and New Opportunities. I've had 3 job interviews over the course of this week. Some Skype/Telephone -some in person. Have another interview on Monday. Numerous jobs are starting to pop up and my options seem to over-flowith. I went from having no job options to having several to choose from. Just hope I end up getting the right job soon. 

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