Monday, June 6, 2016

Racism Part 1: Denying Racism

People seem to think that racism isn't around anymore to the extent that the new quote of understanding is: "The New Racism is Denying Racism Exists". White people kind of have this understanding:

Civil War = Black people freed

Civil Rights = Black people now equal and no more racism 

Way to go white people. Great depth in understanding there. 

A black teenager with asthma died the other day because a group of white guys chased him yelling "N*****" and he ran for his life until her ran out of breath and died. 

Someone posted about this on Facebook today saying, "How is this stuff still happening?" 

To which a racist replier wrote: "Well black people kill white people all the time and they even kill their own people..." 

This is the issue. A clearly racist event occurred leading to the death of a black person and the immediate reaction of some white people is to say, "Well great, now they're trying to spread hate against white people by announcing racism exists even though that thug probably had it coming..." 

I compare it to this: A white man rapes an 8 year old girl and is NOT held accountable by anyone because it happened 4 years ago and there's a statute of limitations -even though the girl just came out with the truth and there is ample amounts of evidence. 

My friend then posts on Facebook: "How is this stuff still happening?" 

To which some idiot replies: "Well not all guys are pedophiles you know. Great now everyone's going to think all guys are pedophiles. What kind of propaganda are you trying to spread here???"

Trying to invalidate instances of racism by pretending racism doesn't exist is why racism continues to be perpetuated. 

It is important to note is that it's not inherent for white people to be racist. Meaning that more than anything it is POWER and POSITION in society over other people that leads to that kind of behavior. We have to remember that there was a period of time when 15th century Englishmen roamed in a time and place where there were no people of other races around for the most part. And so it was that "white people" turned against "white people". The issue rose because those without power, privilege, and wealth were at the mercy of those who had all 3. Things did not go well for the peasantry -and even for some of the people with power. 

The goal then is to extend Power, Position, and Influence to those who don't have it so that they can be heard and represented equally in society. You don't do that by denying that these things are being denied to people on the basis of race. 

It is getting better slowly but surely -but these instances of denial are -if nothing else- kind of infuriating. How can someone be that ignorant? This is probably why all these statements of wisdom have been popping up for me on the internet lately: 

So at the end of the day what I really want is for people to be more compassionate and caring towards others and not deny that inherent instinct of the soul on the basis of transient things that don't matter like the color of someone's skin in comparison to the beauty of their soul. 

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