Friday, June 24, 2016

Angel Cards #16

I'm going to start with the dreams I had this week. The problem I've been getting is I've been having multiple dreams throughout the night. So I'll remember some, acknowledge 1 or 2 as possibly being significant or a spiritual message, then I'll go back to sleep or forget what dreams I had remembered. I could only recount a few. 

#1 TWINS. For whatever reason twins have been coming up lately in my dreams. Might be the fact I've started watching the new season of Brother v. Brother. Not necessarily saying it's of spiritual significance -might just be the influences of what I've been watching. 

(Normally I'm on Team Jonathan, but what the heck Johnathan??? 60's themed stuff? And WAYYYY too much red, green, and turquoise. I'm rooting for Drew right now -classy and elegant (even if it's not necessarily that original))

#2 Weird dream that I'm pretty sure was a metaphor. I was on a busy side street outside a courthouse in stormy weather and overhear the fact that they just passed a new, injust law saying women would be arrested for being wet. Then it starts raining and every woman around me is panicking and some actually start being arrested by police. I say f*ck this, and go into the courtroom. 

Somehow I found a way to cheat the legal system and changed the law document to say "time already served" for every woman that could be arrested. It doesn't delete the law or stop the law, but it does render it useless. 

Part of me is paranoid that this has something to do with the gay laws or religious laws or women's rights-being-taken-away laws that have passed lately in our country. It might be a sign that an individual person CAN change this kind of legal system acting against American Citizens -but instead of eliminating those kinds of laws it might instead be finding a way to render them useless. Thinking/acting outside the box. 

#3 This dream was intense. There was a man that I had known 10 years earlier and hadn't seen for a while. (In reality I have never met that man but in the dream I felt like I had known him for 10+ years). This man was walking down a street during the day and I saw this Middle Eastern woman and her two daughters walking down the same street as him. The man rushed at the woman and the 2 girls in an attempt to kill them. 

Then 2 cops showed up and interceded and managed to arrest the man and save the woman -who was fairly wounded. The woman then called to her 2 girls who had fled down the street and she headed back to her street shop that she owned 20 feet away. 

I went in to check on them and ask if they were ok. The mother said yes. We then discussed what had happened and I was surprised that she wasn't bitter or angry at the man. She said, "People are lost sometimes in life and it makes them angry at the world around them -but it doesn't make them bad people. They're just lost." 

Then I got the sense that the man, upon reflection and time, would change back to the way he had been when I first met him: Someone peaceful, nonviolent, and respectful towards others. 

So I continued talking with the woman and saw she had angel cards in her shop. I picked 2 angel cards up out of the deck and they both had pets/animals on them. Pretty clear I'm intended for animal care of some kind. 

Then I tried relating to the woman by discussing spirituality/ religion and she was of a different faith then me so we did kind of struggle seeing eye to eye. I felt this sense of genuinely wanting to share thoughts with her and connect, but not being able to because of differing belief systems. 

Then I woke up. 

Doreen June 19th:
Yah I was pretty konked out again last Saturday. Actually pretty tired again today too. The end of the week, Friday - Sunday is like nap time for my life. 

Doreen June 20th:
The dream about rain happened that night. So I think the cards were kind of indicating for me to pay attention to my dreams. I know there were more that I had that were significant -just can't remember them. 

Doreen June 21st:
An entity rose that night. Apparently I had an "attachment" from some entity that had clung on from me visiting with someone or going somewhere and I felt this entity rise. It was pretty overwhelming. It felt like a giant, gray could was lifted from me and everything got really light and less weighted-down as it happened. I was kind of confused because I didn't know this new entity was around until it rose. I guess it's good to know that any new entities I come across will have a tendency to rise if they're around me because I purposely draw Heaven near and call upon divine beings from Heaven. 

Doreen June 22nd:
Going to be honest with you, for the past 2 or 3 days know I've been waking up feeling like a goofball. I think it's because I'm "lighter" now that the entity rose, but either way I seem to be tapping into inner-child energy in general. Feeling a lot more amused and entertained in the mornings than usual. I do have a humorous side, but most of the day calls for me to be focused and serious so I think a pathway was sort of cleared for that side of me to come through more. It was weird getting this card though because it did speak to this new shift, which is kind of a random one. 

Doreen June 24th:
It definitely feels like my soul is coming through more and I can feel it pretty clearly. Old stuff that used to get to me, undermine me, and bother me doesn't really seem to do that anymore. I'm moving forward in a spiritual way. 


So I saw a flash in my head of The Star of David earlier pretty vividly, but I thought it was random and didn't know what it meant so I didn't think of mentioning it on here or marking it down. 

Then I came across this image a couple minutes ago while wandering on the internet:

Jules Joseph Lefebvre- Pandora, 1872

So first off, Why is the Star of David featured in an image that's supposed to be Pandora's Box -which mythologically speaking predates Judaism and has to do with evil and good being accidentally unleashed unto the Earth by a girl who opened a box she was warned not to -gaining knowledge, but also letting out evil (kind of like Adam/Eve)? The star being there is kind of weird. 

Secondly, I did have some thoughts/reflections earlier this week that mentioned Pandora's Box but I can't remember them. It is kind of weird that of all the thoughts rolling around in my brain at any given time that Pandora would come up randomly and a later that week I'd see this image sync up with that flash of the Star of David I saw earlier. 

Not sure what the heck this means or is alluding to. I'm trying to recall my thoughts that I had because they weren't about Pandora and that story itself, but instead was used in my thoughts like, "That situation is like a Pandora's Box that was opened -let some kind of evil out -and cannot be closed off now." Not sure what it was though. 

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