Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Catching Up on Dreams

Over the past 5 days I've had about 7 dreams/visions of relevance so there's a lot to catch up on here. 

Dream #1 I had a dream that I trained people on how to work with Orca whales. Orcas keep popping up a lot in general these days -I'm thinking it's just the totum animal coming round to lend aid of some kind. But there's also the message of helping animals and caring for them -especially since this is my second dream about caring for Orca whales in particular. 

Found this on the internet yesterday. Kind of a "GET the Message YET???":

Dream #2 I dreamed I adopted a fruit bat as a pet. It behaved very much like a dog and I loved having it around. Everyone was freaking out because "bats are scary and gross" but I've always loved fruit bats and thought they were adorable. Clearly another dream about looking after animals -especially those that I like even if other people don't. 

Dream #3 I dreamed I was in charge of looking after King Kong the giant gorilla. Not particularly fond of gorillas as a species, but I needed to track this one and keep an eye on it. At one point it sort of escaped and was running around -not really destroying things but definitely worrying people. Then some people suggested that we just kill King Kong. I was like, "It's King Kong. One of the rarest species of gorilla around like a precious stone unto itself. You don't just dispatch of King Kong as if he were a mosquito or a fly." 

I woke from this dream trying to figure out its meaning and was instantly reminded of that gorilla killed not that long ago because a boy wandered into his exhibit at the zoo. People said, "Yah that animal needed to be put down, DUH." Sometimes people don't seem to have much respect for any existing life outside of the human race. People do as they will with animals and don't reflect upon their actions -which can be quite grave and cruel.

Found this on the internet yesterday:

Dream #4 Had a long dream that was about an online software system that connected to a big map of the United States. On the map people could request any amount of money from $1 to $500. You could then loan that money to that person and within 1 week (usually a day) the person would then have to send you redeem your money with interest (usually a minimum of $2). It was kind of like investing in people.

I started out with $15 and new I needed money so I felt genuinely led by God to this system. So I took my only $15 and loaned it to someone. Within 30 minutes they had paid me back the $15 with the bonus of $5. After 2 hours of continuing this process I then had accumulated $118. I then reached a point where I was good on money and knew I shouldn't delve any further. But at that point it was like gambling to me and I decided to continue to grow my funds anyway -knowing I'd probably end up lamenting it.

So I lent out $60 to a college guy with rich friends who claimed he could pay me back. 2 days later I was paranoid I'd just lost the $60 and would never see it returned. I blamed myself because I knew God had led me to prosperity, but not GREED -which I had given into. I woke up from the dream humbling myself and noting this practice of God. Do NOT overstep your bounds and wander outside of the influence of God -especially when he guides you to abundance.  You will mistakenly adhere and attach yourself to money where before you were in unity with only God. 

Dream #5 In that same dream sequence I found myself in a small church surrounded by little old ladies. There were maybe 15 people total in the chapel. There wasn't really a sermon going on -we were just supposed to be "connecting to God" in a sort of meditation. But I was so worried about the money issue that I kept looking at my iPhone to check the status of that online software system to see if my funds had been sent. 

A snide, older woman then came up to me and said, "You don't belong in this church -you need to get out now." I got pissed because it's my belief that EVERYONE should be allowed to stay in church regardless their present circumstance. I knew I was distracted and not focusing on God, but to say I didn't belong there because of that was a deep offense in my eyes. So I got up and pretty much told the woman off by stating that. I then told her -as I was regretting it in the moment -that I would "pray for her" in a condescending tone. 

I HATE when bigoted idiots claiming to be spiritual do that to other people. I woke up going, "WHATS???! Why did I do that, I know better than that." But I was so caught up in my wounded pride in the dream it just kind of came out. Never let money come between you and God and never let pride come between you and your conscious. 

Dream #6 Technically this was a vision I woke up with yesterday. I saw the image of a beautiful lotus flower floating on this moonlit pond with fireflies glowing all around. It was strange because normally lotus are depicted in the muck of a pond -having risen above that mess -as a metaphor for light overcoming/rising above darkness. But I understood that this was a lotus flower in HEAVEN -not Earth. 

I interpreted the vision to mean that when people overcome their pains here on Earth they're subjected to the muck and mess of this life and it is harder for them to rise OUT of that darkness entirely. They're still "above it", but not BEYOND it as if it never was. 

In Heaven on the other hand since there is no darkness/pain to be found there in any capacity, people don't just rise above their pains -they let them go entirely as if they never existed. You aren't floating above the muck, the muck itself is gone and is replaced entirely by beauty and divinity. 

Dream #7 This was the dream I had last night. This was one of the most vivid and clear dreams I'd ever had -as if it was real and I was wandering around awake. I was visiting my Grandma Jean's house. It was similar to the house she had here when she was alive as far as it being on a hillside overlooking the city, but it was far more beautiful and grand then the one here was. 

There was a beautiful path sweeping up into the driveway with verden green hedges and beautiful fountains leading up a stairway to the mansion itself. Inside the house there were 5 or 6 people wandering around -my grandma and her friends and possibly sisters/relatives. I looked out over the balcony at an even greater view of the city then she had had here on Earth. Nearby there was also a "British" city she liked to visit -she was always fond of Europe. 

It's kind of sad to see what's become of that side of the family now. Grandma had always been the central hub and core of my dad's side of the family and after she passed that desire to stick together seemed to die with her. Her children (my dad, 2 aunts, and uncle) then proceeded to fight and sever over trying to sell her house on the hillside overlooking the city. Each one had different ideas about what should be done with it and they argued over money and divided further and further over the months. 

My aunts and uncles and dad are now pretty deeply parted. They seem to have no respect or real love for one another. They don't talk much and it's always formal social interactions out of obligation. My dad didn't even know or notice when my aunts birthday came and went -even though I sent her a present and texted her on her birthday. He didn't seem to care. And all this over a house that seems inferior now to the grandiose mansion she seems to be residing in now. 

Never let material possessions come between you and immaterial connection with other people. Earth is transient and will pass, but these connections were never intended to be severed from. 

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