Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Dreams and Visions

Meditated yesterday and saw this image appear. I recognized it as a heart with a crown, which is what I drew on Easter Sunday while in church -only this time there was some kind of spiral around it. I recognize the symbol as representing Christ since I drew the image the first time when I heard Him being called that for the first time at Easter: The King of Love. 

Part of me thinks this is an answer to the question I had of which kind of blog to focus on this week. Everything this week is kind of muddled and jarbled unfortunately. I feel a little behind and scrambled. 

Last night I had a dream that I think answered another question I had. A lot of Doreen Virtue's posts aren't syncing up with me this week -maybe in part because I feel out of sync or maybe because they're not meant for me but someone else out there. 

Then last night I dreamed I was wandering with my sister through different rooms in this big, almost amusement park. Each room kind of had a theme based off of the Zodiac System. When we made it through, Doreen herself appeared and many people immediately crowded around her. She was on the level above us and I could see her by standing below the stairway leading up. She kind of walked past and briefly looked down, but made no real contact. So I kind of felt like, "Yah she didn't see me, but maybe later she will."

Then after she had gone through each room she came up to me. I mentioned being in what I believe was the "Pisces" room -which had a big pool of fish in it -and she said something to me but I can't really remember it. 

I think the main points of the dream were that:

#1 She is perceiving some of the same things I am so it doesn't matter if she gets everything exactly right about my life since we're mostly on the same page anyway

#2 There are other people seeking guidance that are focusing on "different rooms" than me, and she is trying to help them out as well. 

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