Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Racism Part 3: Other Places and Other Races

From what I've experienced in this life there is an unspoken, often invisible, understanding that if someone is being "racist" it must be against a black person. I'm not sure what the demographic percentages are in this country with regard to people of other races, and to some extent I'm not really concerned about it, but African Americans certainly make up a greater percentage than Asian people for example. Because of this circumstance alone, racism towards black people is overtly more APPARENT. It's not that racism towards other people of other races doesn't occur, it's just that racism towards black people far more readily recognized. 

So let's clarify the reality of racism in America for a second. 

#1 Racism is the South towards Black people. This is the one that gets the most notice by location and race. 

#2 Racism in California, New Mexico, Arizona... towards Hispanic people. This one tends to get less notice NATIONALLY unless you live in one of these areas. Having grown up in California I can promise you racism towards Hispanics is RAMPANT and often goes unnoticed because it's not as "easy to identify" as a black person being treated cruelly. Most people turn a blind eye to it. As if being racist towards THAT race was not possible. 

#3 Racism towards Asian people. Asian people (Japanese Americans, Korean Americans, and Chinese Americans as they're almost never called and always lumped together under the banner of one continent) are often condescended to and sometimes resented for being around for what I've seen -whether that be the country where they're far more easy to pick out or even in the diverse cityscapes where you think inclusion would come second nature. as a race they are largely invisible and largely ignored -as is the racism towards them. 

#4 Racism towards Native Americans. You think that since the founders of this country committed Genocide against them there would be a silent social understanding similar to the treatment of Jews where you KNOW you don't say anything demeaning towards them ESPECIALLY if you're white of American. And yet inspite of the sufferings they've endured the pain keeps getting heaped on. Not due to proximity either. Meaning people in the South are racist towards blacks in particular because there are many around, but LOTS of people are racist towards Natives having likely NEVER met one or even seen one in person. It's pretty remarkable that one principle you would speak out in hatred and ignorance towards a people you have never even come into contact with. 

#5 Racism towards Indians. There is less racism towards Indian Americans -mostly negativity towards their culture and beliefs more than anything. But there are times when the racism becomes alarmingly apparent and that is when they are mistaken for Middle Easterner's because of the color of their skin and are called "terrorists" because no one could ever expect a racist to be smart, discerning, or correct when it comes to anything anyway. 

#6 Racism towards Middle Easterners. Savage. Brutal. Invisible. Especially towards WOMEN because let's be honest if you're going to pick on a Middle Eastern person just for minding their own business it is always easier to pick on Women rather than Men isn't it? It's amazing how many racist consider themselves to be in the right as they will violating the rights of others -often with violence. 

Example: Just for holding a sign, police body slammed a 100 something pound girl. "They also removed my hijab, mocked my right to religion, and a female officer searched my bra (exposing my breasts) in front of male officers." 

And lastly there are the abuses towards people on the basis of race that occur in other countries OUTSIDE the USA. People within the US are ignorant of a lot of the racism that occurs and the of the racism that occurs external to this country. 

In Africa for example:

Attacks against albinos are increasing. They will hunt down and dismember albino people, including children, because their body parts are believed to have beneficial effects when used in witchcraft practices. 

Albinos are often ostracized and excluded. Yet most people in the country turn a blind eye, and most people in this country never knew this was occurring in the first place. 

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