Friday, June 24, 2016

Going to Websites and Evading Apps using Phone/Tablet

Ran into an issue with a friend I was trying to show to. Like many online websites that help people out (in this case for free), Asana comes with an App that can be downloaded to phones and tablets. Unfortunately there's a new trend for websites to register what device you're using (phone, tablet, or laptop) that then tries to impose the APP on you if you're not using a laptop and prevents you from going to the online site. 

My friend had a tablet and couldn't get on the website. I like the Asana app, but when you're trying to get a feel for the full website and all the features it comes with and setting up a profile... the App is NOT helpful. 

This can occur for many people. You want to go to a website using you're phone/tablet and the website recognizes the device you're using and directs to the App store instead. So after a good 15 minutes of poking around the internet looking for a solution, we found a great way to get around the problem.

Step 1. Open Safari (Google Chrome and others don't have this feature to my knowledge) using your phone/tablet. 

Step 2. Go to desired website. 

Step 3. This next step is better represented with a visual:

Step 4. Click the Desktop icon and it should allow you to fully view the website itself. 

No more getting stuck in App traps. 

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