Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Screw Instagram Policies

I was using this thing called Webstagram (now just called Websta) for about 3 years then 2 days ago sh*t changed. Suddenly I got kicked out of Websta -which was open and public -and am now required to sign in via Instagram. Websta used to allow me to DOWNLOAD the pictures people I follow posted. Otherwise you can't use/save those images from Instagram alone. 

Thus began my journey of ditching Websta -which now wants to charge you for their services monthly -to the briefly held service known as "Gramfeed" -now called Picodash that also wants to charge you a monthly fee now where before it was free.

2 things happened here: 

#1 As of June 1st, no Instagram-based App or business can have the word "Insta" or "gram" in it so many of those sorts of services did a complete 180 on their names. 

#2 These apps can no longer just allow people to download and view images -they have to provide a service beyond that, which is why many now have Analytics built-in to monitor your own Instagram stats -which is where the monthly FEE now comes in. 

Given my recent burn with the whole SEO scam company, and the fact that my Instagram is NOT for Commercial Use or Profit, I see no point in paying ANY fee over the course of a month just to download pictures of my Family, Friends, and Cool Memes I come across. 

So instead I went rogue and consulted Google on how to just simply download pictures from Instagram. 

Luckily this site guided me through the process. God bless them. 


Brief synopsis for those to lazy to check the link: 

Step 1: Go on Instagram (pain-in-the-ass that they are for not allowing people to download images)

Step 2: Pic whatever picture you want to download

Step 3: Click on that image itself so it's isolated/alone and has the comment section in view.

Step 4: Right click to get the option VIEW PAGE SOURCE.

Step 5: Don't panic if your screen just exploded into vasts amounts of HTML. Click Command + F (if you're on a Mac) or CTRL + F (if your on a PC). A little window will pop up in the upper right hand corner. Type in "jpg" and click enter. 

Step 6: Look for the highlighted text image that emerges with the word "jpg". The beginning of the link that you want to COPY will start with, "https://instagram."*** I'm going to pick on Russell Brand (@trewrussellbrandfor a second because I'm pretty sure he would approve of these proceedings:

***Do NOT include the "?" at the end of the link as it appears in the HTML or the " that appear at the beginning of the link.

Step 7: Take the magical link procured and open a new window tab. Insert link in as you would a URL and hit ENTER. 

Awwww look it's Russell:

And I was able to safely download the image and everything without paying $25 a month!

This is why I love the internet. Occasionally internet sites will get greedy and try to screw over people on the internet. Then people on the internet will retaliate and find a solution around the issue. 

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