Sunday, June 12, 2016

Angel Cards #14

Had a LOT of dreams that have a great deal of commonality with the cards drawn this week.

Doreen June 4th:
Another reminder that the typical 9 to 5 job won't cut it. Also received insight this week that trying to profit off of my spiritual purpose might not be the way to go. Should try to make a living off of my creativity not off of my divinity. 

Doreen June 5th:
I was pretty stressed this week, had a billion things to do starting on Sunday -the WEEKEND. Was hard not getting lost in it all and feeling overwhelmed. I feel like this card was a future suggestion for me to be mindful of throughout the week. 

Doreen June 6th + 7th:
These cards alluded to staying spiritually focused and also spoke to me finally getting close to finding a job. I've had 3 job interviews this past week and things are definitely picking up. 

Doreen June 8th: 

I was worried about money but ended up getting paid for watching the cat I was pet sitting. Again the woman and I have a great connection and she mentioned that I should come by her art gallery and she might be able to find work for me there. The cards also speak to "taking in the good". There was definitely some good sent my way this week. 

Doreen June 9th:
These two cards were freakishly accurate. There's a group of 2 other people I've been meeting with to help with job searching and last Thursday -the 9th -ended up talking with one of the guys for about 1 hour. We just stood by our cars in the parking lot and started rambling. We talked about politics, the education system, religion and inevitably -Spirituality. He was agnostic, but believed int he possibility of the soul and of God -but said he had no clue what God would be like. He started asking me questions about why I believed as fully as I did in spirituality. I told him I've had too many experiences not to. Mentioned the ghosts and other people verifying that I was experiencing. 

It was an interesting conversation because I felt like he would think that I was crazy if I tried explaining it all to him, but at the same time I was clearly sane on just about every other subject we had discussed and mostly saw eye to eye on. It's hard to justify everything you've come to understand spiritually to someone who still doubts whether the soul itself exists. I basically suggested he meditate/spiritually connect for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. I did that for 4 months and that's when I had a major breakthrough. 

This next card was interesting because I DID get repeating messages over and over again starting on Thursday. I had a dream about gardening and watching over a St. Bernard. Pet sitting and being in nature are definitely part of my fate. 

Also came across these on the internet to further echo those sentiments:

Doreen June 10th:

June 10th was a Friday and my energy had depleted into nothing so I actually stayed in bed most of the day and avoided the internet. This continued on into Saturday. I feel like because I was away from the cards, the dreams I had picked up and became that much more clear and intentional. 

#1 The first dream that I had showed a book cover that looked similar to the one I had made for Larry Pinsky's Saving the Province series. The cover was white with 3 interlocking circles. In each circle were different aspects of nature -starry night sky and the woods in another. The word AUTHOR popped up. I think I'm meant to write a formal book at some point. God willing... 

#2 In the second dream I had the next night I ran into my friend Amy who I might a while back and had a spiritual connection with. She helps people author books and get them published. One of the books she helped publish was written by a woman who was in a car accident, DIED, and then came back on the ER table. She said when she had died she experienced "Heaven" and angels gave her messages to bring back to earth she then wrote about in her book. The book was called "Coming to Light" or something like that. In this dream Amy gave me that book and told me to read it. I tried arranging a meeting with the woman who wrote it but it didn't work out. I get the sense I'm meant to read that book. 

***Correction the book is called: Awakenings from the Light: 12 Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience By Nancy Rynes

#3 Last night's dream had 2 parts. I woke up around 5am actually thinking the dream. The dream had essentially dissolved into me repeating the same message over and over again in my head as I gained consciousness. The message was, "Listen to the young when they speak the truth." A lot of people are ageist and think that because you're XYZ years young, you don't know much or you don;t know what you're talking about. In reality the young can be very WISE and it is very unwise to ignore the voices of those who speak truth -regardless their age. 

The second part of my dream was pretty long and involved. I was with some people I didn't know but assume I was friends with. We snuck onto the property of someone living out in the woods. We planned an "attack" on them with water guns and water balloons. Someone gave away our position and before I knew it there were about 20 people -mostly teens and young adults having a pretty epic water battle. 

Then as people were running around in chaos, 2 people ended up DYING. One girl fell over a tree limb and snapped her neck. I don't know how the other person died but sh*t got serious and then people wanted to ACTUALLY fight when they found out that someone from their group had died. I ended up getting in between two people about to fight and told the girl I was with to let it go and walk away. I KNEW this fight was being encouraged from dark means and was in no way affiliated with Heaven. I said that things were already out of hand and people had already been hurt. I was more focused on whether to call the cops or try and call the parents of the two teens that had died. 

The whole dream was really vivid, but I was glad I had interceded and tried to take control of a situation I had absolutely no control over. 

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