Friday, June 3, 2016

Angel Cards #13

Overall this week was kind of scrambled and the Angel cards didn't really seem to pertain to me as much as they usually do. As in the dream that I had, I'm pretty sure Doreen was focusing her energies on helping other people in different situations beyond me. 

Doreen May 28th:

Going through a long ongoing period of reflection and transition in general. 

Doreen May 29th:  

This day I wasn't really feeling Doreen's prediction. Wasn't sure what I was "controlling". The next day actually fit this description better. Sometimes I think her cards are delayed a day behind. Monday May 30th I was stressed because the week began and that meant looking for new potential job leads which has become a dismal process I don't enjoy at all. 

Doreen May 30th: 

Doreen said, "Improve your work life focus and address issues of discontentment." Again I was stressed about job hunting so I actually took something of a break and decided to focus more on relaxing, trusting, and working on my coloring book pages. For whatever reason my "Job Search" is usually better on Fridays. 

Doreen May 31st:

Wasn't sure about this card (again). Wasn't sure if it pertained to me. I'm pretty honest with myself most days, it's acting upon truths discerned that seems to be the challenge. Like pursuing an animal care career more than just an administrative assistant one. 

Doreen June 2nd:

You want to know what happened on this day you can read the blog. It was spot-on. Too much crap to do and losing myself in the chaos. 

Doreen June 3rd (today):

Went in for a job interview at a staffing agency. I really get the sense that they will help me. Also got the sense while I was there that Heaven was near me -including the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Angels. And the funny thing is I went in for a purely admin position, but they said based on my resume I'd be a better fit for a new marketing position that just opened up that day. They're going to send in my resume and see if the clients are interested. They definitely noted my creativity and accomplishments. It feels like they have a good sense of what kind of position I'd really want. 

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