Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Political Banter Part 2: Policy v. Profit

There has always been a divide within the 2 parties on the basis of Economic Policy v. Social Issues. 

Democratic Philosophy on Economics: Make sure the poor and disenfranchised are taken care of and stand a good chance of financial gain. take down systems where the 1% reigns (especially with monopolies) and the 99% drown. 

Republican Philosophy on Economics: Big businesses and corporations have a "trickle down" effect on the economy and lead to more job creations and contributions to the economic system. Encourage businesses to grow by giving them breaks and help the wealthy maintain and protect their wealth which they have every right to grow. Reward the risk-takers in business and the wealthy. 

Democratic Philosophy on Social Issues: Everyone has the same freedoms and rights protected under the law. Gay Marriage should be legal for that reason. Racial discrimination should we eradicated. Religious freedom -of people that aren't just Christian -should be protected and maintained. Let's include everyone, exclude no one, and let's all be open-minded and get along. Live and Let Live. 

Republican Philosophy on Social Issues: Too much diversity leads to instability and moral corruption. We need to protect past traditions and social constructs that have been around a long time that are being eroded by too much "inclusion". No gay marriage. We want a "Christian Nation". 

Wherever you side on whichever policy from above you're referring to, there are a lot of people that find themselves in a divide inevitably. Not to pick on anyone in particular but Caitlyn Jenner has gotten a lot of notoriety for this reason lately. 

Caitlyn is a member of the Gay Community. Therefore people automatically conclude she would never be a Republican in any way and should only be a Democrat. However, she has been a Republican for YEARS and still is one. This throws people for a loop. Why would she do that?

Well, Caitlyn isn't just a member of the LGBTQ+ community -she is also insanely WEALTHY -and The Republican Economic  Philosophy of "let's help the wealthy KEEP their money protected" is better for her to follow common-sense-wise. So she is in fact divided. She might side with Democrats on Social Policy, but not on Economic Policy. 

So the question then becomes, for those who find themselves stuck in that bucket, which is more important: Social Policy or Economic Profit (especially if you're like Caitlyn and stand to directly benefit from the economic policy of one party over the other). 

My thoughts:

Social Policy tends to be triggered and forged by SOCIETY. The government might get credit for it since their the ones who pass the laws in the end, but it's American citizens that ultimately lead in social policy and set the tone for the government to follow. You could very well have a Republican as president, but if (70% of) the American people want gay marriage to be legalized, you as a President cannot go against the will of the American people and vote otherwise. Not to mention the Supreme Court and other branches would uphold that statute as well. 

Economic Policy on the other hand IS largely influenced by who is in power -Democrat or Republican. We've seen that reality play out many times before. The American people don't usually have an economic policy in their back pocket so they do need the government to lead the way more when it comes to that kind of understanding. Americans are great for sticking up for the rights and well-being of fellow Americans, but we're not particularly noted for our Fiscal Knowledge-base. We're not a financially  responsible people if Credit Card Debt is any indication. 

So it might actually be wiser -if you're torn -to go with Economic Policy and trust that The People of the USA* will stand up for The People of the USA when it comes to leading the way on social issues. 

*The people of the USA have always had the real power. It's the government By the People, FOR the People. The second people forget that they forfeit their power to the government which can then reign over them. But it's always been movements and social leaders of various causes that have ultimately paved the way for American citizens. On RARE occasions a politician will be involved -like Abraham Lincoln was. Otherwise, it's always been The PEOPLE. Never forget that because if you lose sight of it, you LOSE it. 

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