Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dream Last Night

Had very little sleep then konked out for 2 hours. I had a very long, very weird, very vivid dream. 

Since there were multiple significant events that occurred in the dream, I'll just list them. 

#1 I dreamed I was writing a poem/paper on nature and humanity and the way the two connect and overlap. Originally i wasn't sure what to write so I actually pulled an Angel Card in my dreams out of the deck and it showed 2 angels in nature with the words "Love Nature". The poem I wrote was very Henry David Thoreau-esque and I remember I was paranoid no one would like it. Then someone came over to review it and I overheard them saying great things about it and being very impressed. 

#2 Next I was handed a piece of paper with a writing prompt on it that said "Why I Love Books". I then had to get up in front of everyone and read the page/give a speech. There was a girl who spoke before me -her writing prompt had been "My Favorite Books Are...". I remember before I spoke the girl looked me right in the eyes as if to acknowledge me in an encouraging way that conveyed the message, "You'll do fine."  All of the group activities were Writing/Book themed. I woke up from the dream seriously boggled by all the writing stuff that's been coming up lately. Heaven is getting VERY good at giving clarity to what they would like me to do. 

#3 I then dreamed I came across a group of 3 random girls in a group. This is about the 3rd dream I've had in the past month where I encounter 3+ girls that seem "random", "mixed", and a little abnormal. I essentially get the sense that in most groups of people they would be seen as outcast or different for some reason or another but they've come together as a group that's very caring and accepting of one another. I dreamed this group kind of "adopted" me in and I started hanging out with them. 

#4 I saw my dad and my sister gathering stones at a beach together. I looked at the stones and thought they were cool. I'm still not sure why I keep getting dreams where my dad and my sister are nearby doing stuff together other than those are the 2 family members I'm closest to and know will be there for me no matter what. 

#5 Another writing portion of the dream I'm trying to come up with a book to write and the book evolves into 3 main aspects: Discerning Heaven in Nature, Humanity in Nature, and Hell in Nature. I get the sense I'm definitely meant to write a spiritual-nature book at some point in time. 

I feel like I'm meant to write another blog posts from this dream. One about the Poem I wrote about nature and one about the speech I gave for "Why I Love Books". 

The poem in all honesty would take a lot of work. It's hard opening up about what moves me spiritually in connection to nature. It's not analytical and it's very romanticized language. 

Books on the other hand I can list the reasons for loving:

-The main reason I spoke to for liking books was the fact that there are some books I will probably never read again, but I will also never part with them. I like having them around because of the impact they had on my life. When a book influences you emotionally, mentally, spiritually... it's like it takes hold of you and is implanted in your being. You carry the messages of those books within your soul. 

-I don't read that often now though. I got burned out on reading after college and am still on vacation from taking up that hobby. I used to read all the time for fun, now when people gift me books they feel like a burden in my hands and I set them aside on the shelf knowing one day the urge to read will return to me and I'll take new life into my life through them. 

-Words connect people. You can read a book written by someone 300 years ago. Completely connected to the mind of person that once roamed this earth and now has no remnants left to be found. That's INSANE! That you can connect so closely to the thoughts, feelings, mentality of another person that's no longer around as if they were right beside you. I champion the words written that I find by the beautiful minds long since departed. 

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