Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Actual VH1 Twitter Q+A with Thicke

There has been a lot of controversy around your song "Blurred Lines" and new album, "Paula," how do you respond?

Thicke: What controversy? Hahaha

Why did you name your new album "Paula"?

Thicke: Because "Beatrice" didn't have the same ring to it

Was Paula and emotionally challenging album to record?

Thicke: Yes, the most

Why do fools fall in love?

Thicke: Cause smart people know better :)

Man people are brutal on this

Thicke: I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

Who is your greatest musical influence?

Thicke: The Beatles

In all seriousness dude...When is your next video out?

Thicke: Two new videos today "Still Madly Crazy" "Forever Love"

Why don't you bring back the locks, bro? 

Thicke: Too much upkeep

If you cherish as much as you say, why can't you respect her desire for space & time to think & heal?

Thicke: If you listen to the album you wouldn't ask that question

 Do you still talk to Paula?

Thicke: Yes because our child comes first

When did you start writing the new album?

Thicke: April 1st and most of the album was done in two weeks

Favorite song on the album?

Thicke: "Lock the Door"  

Why didn't you write a whole album for her when you were WITH her?

Thicke: She's always been my muse only this time from a distance

 Do you honestly think that what you're doing is going to win Paula back?

Thicke: I have no idea. I just want the world to know how special she is

Thicke: Thank you all for your time. I love you and hope the album brings you joy.

---Kudos to VH1 for navigating through that minefield of hashtags and digging out the few nuggets he was actually willing to answer. The sad part of this whole thing is that he does love his wife and did have a great family, with kids, going until he spiralled downward. 

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