Monday, July 14, 2014

Spiritual Aid

My friend Lynn is a speech coach/ spiritual person. I had a 1 hour session to talk with her last Friday.

When I had attended her women's group -noting her usage of spiritual techniques and incorporating them into the methods the women in the group could use to open up and express themselves more freely -I had contemplated asking her if she knew anything about getting rid of ghosts.  

But I didn't. 

Because that would be embarrassing.

Then halfway through our 1 hour session she asked, "Has anyone ever talked dot you about getting rid of beings or entities that may be attached to you. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but you seem like a pretty spiritual person and some times these things attach themselves to us and we don't even realize it..."

I was like, THANK GOD. I suspected that she knew but I wasn't sure if she knew. I felt such relief if for no other reason than there was another human being that was on the same page as me. 

So I told her about my ghost issues and she said, "Yah let's work to get rid of it then." 

She then walked me through a spiritual exercise of affirming entities away. About 5 minutes in I felt energy around me like the entity was standing right over my left shoulder. Lynn looked at me and said, "It's a man and he seems very attached to you. Let me ask him why..." She then said, "He just says that he loves you and he wants to protect you." Which is exactly what the psychic Agatha had told me. Lynn said, "You may have called out to him unknowingly in a time of need and now he assumes you need him constantly. I'll tell him to go." Then she did and the room got a lot more spacious as if it had gone -I hope for good. 

But ti wasn't so. He came back that night. Lynn said it might take a while for him to taper off and move on. I'm still waiting to here from the other psychic Charlynn who's supposed to be able to get rid of entities.

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