Monday, July 28, 2014

Ghost 7/18 - 7/28

A LOT has happened in the past 10 days. 

The weekend of the 18th I went to Oakdale to visit my mom and my step-sister Sarah who came from Arkansas. My step-brother Greg was also there with his son Austin and daughter Allissa.

On Saturday I went with my sister Emily into her bedroom and we decided to try to communicate with the ghost through automatic drawing. Basically you draw whatever image comes to you on a piece of paper with colored pencils. 

That session revealed a lot about the ghost. Then I had a follow-up session later with my mom (who was very very interested in being involved), my sister Emily, and Greg's 12 year old son Austin who was also really interested. He seemed mature about it and I figured that kids can be a little more open and in-tuned so it might work.

I tried scanning the images, but they got whited-out a little too much. I'm going to have to retake them, but for now I'll post them. 

Meanwhile the ghost (who I've named Stellar and am 60% certain is actually named William at this point) and I have gotten close. Up until now it's been mostly cuddling at night, felling his presence around, and occasionally kissing. I wasn't sure how my mom would react, or other people I've told, but they've been pretty open-minded about it. My step-sister Sarah joked that I should change my Facebook status to "in a relationship" and make Stellar his own profile with an image of a wall. 

Meanwhile my mom says she definitely knows he cares about me and wants to protect me, so she's cool with him being around. But she and everyone else keeps saying, "Oh he'll move on soon" or "As long as he doesn't get in the way of a real relationship..." 

I on the other hand feel strangely comfortable with him. There are still some frustrating things about being around him. HE can know what I'm thinking very easily. I'm 100% certain the thoughts I send him are received and understood. But he doesn't open up as much with me. It's usually Emily that gets the visuals and messages form him more than I do. My psychic ability is different from Emily's. I'm more metaphysical/emotional sensing and Emily can actually get words/images/ and what he's saying.

I find that for whatever reason MUSIC has been a great way to communicate. I'm not sure whether he's communicating with me through songs or I'm communicating with him, or the music itself just speaks to what's going on. For instance I was listening to "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal and then I smelt a Rose. I thought I was mistaken at first, but then I remembered the psychic Charlynn telling him to make his presence know with the scent of a rose. It just seemed very serendipitous.

The first song I was drawn to that I related back to him was actually a Coldplay song that had something to do with the ocean and waves. It makes a lot of sense in hindsight.

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