Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ghost Post-Blessing

My friend's a minister. He came over to my apartment around 7:30pm last night. We talked for a while and then before he left at around 8:30pm he put his hand on my head and said a prayer over me asking God to protect me from the entity. 

I then got ready for bed. It was about 10 minutes later that the entity started making its presence felt. Something unusual happened though. It felt like this light energy came down over my stomach and chest and I immediately felt an overflowing abundance of energy/spiritual strength. For the next hour a pattern emerged where the entity would start making its presence felt and touching my arms and would then be driven back by this influx of my own spiritual energy descending into and then through me.

At one point there was a tap on my end table. Normally the entity just makes snapping sounds in the walls -which it was still doing,  but this was a clear tap like it had hit something on the end table. I realized after the first hour passed that it was not going to give up and I was looking at a full night of no sleep and back-and-forth energy tug-of-war with the stupid ghost. So I got my stuff and headed for my dad's house for sanctuary. 

It was 10pm when I got there. I headed straight for the den. My cat "Kitten" was already in there waiting for me. I set up my bed on the couch and got ready to call it a night. Previous experience has taught me that the first night in any location outside of my apartment is going to be pretty uneventful. Night#2 will be more active. The ghost usually takes about a day to arrive in all its glory. 

The ghost woke me up 2 times during the night. The first was at 11pm. I was getting ready to doze off. The cat was curled up ready to sleep on the arm of the couch above my head. Then all the sudden I started feeling a distinct presence next to the door that leads to my dad's tool shop. It felt like someone was standing there. Then the cat jolted up and ran to the door that leads to the hallway outside the den. The door was shut so he started scratching on it trying to get out. The ghost had actually frightened him! 

Eventually he came back and rested on the arm of the couch again. 

At 2am some serious stuff went down. The ghost made its energy felt -like it was filling the room with its energy and projecting it at me. The cat got up and started meowing. He looked worried and confused. I kept petting him and telling him it was ok, but he got off the couch and headed towards the other side of the room. 

I kept doing a mantra in my head: "God's light and grace is passing over me". That helped for the first 10 minutes or so. Then the entity got angry. It literally felt like someone was standing by the arm of the couch behind my head where the cat had been, glaring down at me with mal intent. Finally I looked behind me, half expecting to see someone, and I said, "Leave me alone. I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Find peace. Leave me alone in the name of Jesus Christ. Find Peace."

Addressing the entity made the energy die down a little, but 5 minutes later it was back in full swing. This lasted for about an hour. I kept wanting to go to sleep, but it wouldn't let me. It kept touching my face. It was like someone was lightly touching my eyebrow and side cheek with their fingertips. It's kind of hard to sleep when that happens.

I decided that the more I ramp up my energy and try to sever myself from the ghost by latching onto God, the more it retaliates and tries to proclaim its dominance and presence.

My friend the minister suggested I "fast". Since I'm thin as is, fasting by not eating isn't really an option. He said, "From Friday night to Sunday morning don't watch TV, go online, or talk on your cellphone. Just read the Bible and meditate on it alone the entire weekend. Then go to church on Sunday." He said it will strengthen me spiritually and finally sever the ghost from me because I'll be entirely filled with God's presence. I'm going to try it this weekend. 

*Update 7-9-14

It's definitely gotten a lot more physical and its energy has ramped up. I'm still technically not afraid of it though. In the moment the only thing I fear is potential harm, but at the same time I doubt it will occur. But it essentially sat on top of me as I was laying down last night and it reminded me of this image. There's no creepy horse and I was that slumped over, but same idea. 


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