Friday, July 25, 2014

Moving Forward

Met with Jos and another woman from our women's group yesterday to go over social media stuff and templating. It's hard being a graphic designer and trying to make the internet content easily changeable by non-graphic people. Consequently 70% of the things I create for our social media are done/edited through PowerPoint.

I showed her what we post, on what sites, and how frequently. She also requested I make a template that can be altered for Business Cards. I use PNGs I make in Illustrator for the Biz Cards, but made a PDF version for her to change. 

The whole time she was mentioning things, I had this impulse to say, "Oh well I can do that. It'll probably take a week, but then you and the group will have it." I realllllllyyyy want the branding, polish, and cohesion I've spent the last year creating to be maintained. But at the same time I had to tell myself, "You're stepping away -and you're NOT taking on anymore work. Let the chips fall where they may. They'll be fine."

I also notice that when my duties and responsibilities to a group are taken away, my internet pressence and desire to give back to people online greatly increases.  

I updated my Tumblr. I now have 4. 

I have my lowly nature Tumblr. 

A Humanitarian/Personhood/Society-Oriented Tumblr (which has gotten great response and now has 2 followers). 

A "My Ghost Story" Tumblr of all the blogs, pictures, and experiences I've had over the years. 

An Architecture/Art/Photography Tumblr.

I also want to get back to my "Campaign Against Pain" non-profit directory website.

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