Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Silver "Blurred" Lining

On the plus side the internet decided to be kind and give us a nice game of "Make Fun of Robin Thicke".

In a genius move, VH1 decided to partner with Robin and host a Q+A session  with him based on questions asked by people on Twitter using the hashtag #AskThicke. God Bless the Internet. 

Poor VH1 is just trying to go with it.

I will now share some of my favorites with you:

How does it feel being less progressive than Disney? On that note, did you root for Gaston? I bet you did.

I've pirated your new album and I'm trying to sell it to random people but no one will give me money for it. Any tips?

(Robin Thicke wanders into his social media office) "So, how's going?"
Intern (puffs out cheeks): "Yeeah, pretty quiet, really."

Now that you've made it commercially viable to be a creepingly insidious, misogynistic sexual predator; What's next for you?

So, now your music career has tanked, have you got any qualifications for a real job?

  Any ideas on how we can stop making stupid people famous?

  did you know on mars you can't breathe due to the lack of oxygen? also have you ever considered visiting mars?

 Now that you've commercialized rape, and dry humped a child star, what's next for your musical career?

 Since you know what women want, will you be applying for a role distributing health benefits at ?

Robin Thicke says he doesn't want any more abuse on Twitter. I know he wants it really.

  ruling may be a real blow to women, but at least we've been given as a small reparation.

  What's the romantic appeal of publicizing text messages & murder-suicide threats to the world supposed to be?

What is the lowest frequency electromagnetic wave which can propagate along a waveguide of square section with side 1cm?

  These balloons arrived for you. Where do you want them?

 How much do you hate mirrors now? #AskThicke

 His rape anthem: 99p. His ex-wife stalking album: £8.99. The hashtag tearing his ego in two: PRICELESS.

How often should I delete my internet search history? You strike me as a good person to ask.

  Does Pharrell Williams return your calls any more?

# For a first date chloroform or rohypnol?

 Is it true half the album was written about Paula Deen

 Did you know pressuring your wife to stay with you by manipulating the public is not an act of love? It is creepy.

Was your first thought after writing "Blurred Lines": "Men and those other objects are going to love this song!" ? #AskThicke

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Support your answer with album sales data.

What makes you think Paula Deen is even interested in you?

On a scale of 1 to 10 years, how far do you think you've set white men back?

Robin Thicke is getting so much abuse on this hashtag yet people worship Pharrell and willfully ignore he's on the track too

I imagine hasn't begun because whoever thought this was a good idea is currently being fired.

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