Monday, July 7, 2014

Virgo from UK/Scotland

I'm not crazy. These two look way to similar. 

And I checked it out and they're both Earth Signs from UK/Scotland. Both mentally-oriented Virgo. 
My theory has been for a while now, especially based on similar patterns noted before, that each Element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) Sign have about 5 Facial Types that are common to each. One day I may layout all the common facial types seen. For now I'll use these 2 as an intro to the concept. 

James Mcavoy

April 21, 1979

Mentally-Oriented Taurus = Virgo

Port Glasgow, Scotland 

Paolo Nutini

January 9, 1987

Mentally-Oriented Capricorn = Virgo

Paisley, UK 

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