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Automatic Drawing Session 7/19/14

Back in May I did a meditation session first trying to connect to the entity and get who it was and what it wanted. These were the notes I jotted down. At the time I thought I was 100% off the mark and this was just random shots in the dark. 

The first name I got was "Andrea" -which I now know is "Casandra" - the name I had when I was married to him.

The other words say: 
-Being on a boat? Looking out at the sea from a circular window. 
-Tall, Girl?
-Connection, hold arms
-Wanted help
"Floating on tidal waves" -Lyrics from the Coldplay song

The other thing I noticed was in my apartment the water faucets kept going haywire. You could hear the water/plumbing at night starting up and making noises. The sprinklers outside also started having issues. WATER was the main message I got. I initially presumed that the ghost died by drowning somehow. 

My sister and I did this drawing session together n Saturday 7/17. The first image I got was an orange eye. And since that day, I have seen an eye in an orange hue twice more.

 I got a lot for the second page:

-I saw a golden-chained necklace with the name Jesus written in cursive on it. 
-I saw a red heart. 
-I got some sort of navy blue circular image of something. 
-I got the names Casandra, Michael, Jacob, and William
-I saw an orange/yellow/tan tabby cat with green eyes
-I kept seeing a green tree in sunlight

UPDATE: William is my "husband's" name, Casandra was my name, and Michael is the name of "Bob's" son

-Next I saw a white mirror on the wall in a dim-lit house and I saw the reflection of a woman and wooden floors in it
-I saw a jewel necklace with orange and red gems
-I saw seagulls 
-I saw a large, white canopy I thought went in a backyard
-I saw a white plate with gold rim around the edge 

Basically he was showing me all the nice things I had when we were together 

-Then I saw the full canopy -which was in a HUGE backyard on a patio over several tables. And the backyard was very green and open. 

-Then I saw an orange and blue abstract painting 
-I asked what our cat's name was and I got "Oliver" 
-I got the years 19something6 -either 1946,56, or 76
-I saw a bouquet of roses on a table (by the backyard) 

UPDATE: It was 1976

Then my sister and took a globe she had and we tried to see where we lived. I shut my eyes and landed in Mayanmar/Adaman Island/Thailand/Malaysia area. My sister shut her eyes and did the same and landed on the same place. Emily said this was where the boat was -and we were there on our anniversary. 

-Then I saw a large wedding ring.
-I saw an old smoke pipe. 
-I saw books -he likes to read

UPDATE: The smoke pipe belongs to William Henry's uncle

I also took notes on what my sister was saying. Emily saw that he traveled a lot, he was in a trade business. Something bad happened when he was in Argentina/Chile with his business -he doesn't want to talk about it. My sister also saw a baby. I did too, but didn't want to think about the possibility that I was pregnant or had a child. 

-The first image my sister Emily saw was a rose.
-Then she was flip-flops with rhinestones on them
-She saw a diary -which she took as a symbol meaning he was sharing things he wasn't entirely comfortable opening up about
-She saw a window in a house looking out over the ocean and a love seat couch by it. She said, "This was your favorite room in the house, and so it was his too." 
-She kept seeing his clothes -slacks
-She saw a bicycle 
-She saw a bicycle by a stoop near a park 

-Then she saw a Gavel with a name engraved in it 
-She saw a green eye
-She saw a him -nice suite, mustache, old-style hair
-Then she saw a boat in an ocean with a storm
-The boat had a canopy on top and a room/deck below 

-Next she saw a wrench around a pin that he was struggling to open
-Then she saw a door with a window looking out into the sea and storm
-We were trapped below deck and couldn't get out because the door wouldn't open
-Emily saw the baby and got the sense it went overboard 

When Em was showing me what she drew and talked about he storm I felt his emotions as he stood behind me and it was deep sadness and depression. Emily said, "I think he blames himself for what happened." 

Things got kind of depressing at that point so we decided to take a break. I felt so weird. I was somebody's wife. We had a kid. We were very happy and very wealthy. Then we went on a boat trip for our honeymoon. And we all drowned. And through all this time he has come and found me to be with me again. 

At 8pm we had a second drawing session -this time my mom and my 12 year old nephew Austin joined in.

 -The first thing I saw was a pier by the ocean during a storm with glowing yellow street lights

The only other thing I saw was a large cabin in the woods. After that I just started taking notes of what my mom, Emily, and Austin were seeing. 

-I asked what our last name had been and got "Gibson" 
-Mom kept getting street names, "Rodingsworth", "Welingsworth", or "Hemsworth" 
-When asked where he was born I kept getting a country that starts with a "B" -either Britain or Brazil (He's really, really tan so right now I'm actually thinking Brazil) 
-Mom saw that I was pregnant AND had a baby boy
-Mom and Emily saw fish, "tuna", and thought he might have been in the tuna trading business
-Emily asked what his hobbies where and saw a riding whip -horse riding 
-I asked how old we were when we died and got that I was 26 and he was 28
-I asked him what message he had for me and got, "I love you, I hold you, I'll take care of you" 
-Mom got several names: Marie, Justin, Louis (mom believes the baby boys name was Louis) 

-Emily got the image of a bird (more like a design)
-She got the riding whip
-She got a fancy plate
-She and my mom both saw Blood
-She saw an inverted sun
-She saw two people dancing
-She saw foreign clothes, dark hair, french braided hair
-She got the name Louis
-She saw a fish
-She saw a teddy bear 

-The last two images Em saw were: 
-A gold and green feathered design
-Dark brown and gold coffin with a sword/cross on top 

Mom saw a fish
-She got "Casper" for the name of the boat
-She asked if there was any religious conflict going on and got "Yes"
-She kept seeing stomach
-She assumed the street names were British 
She saw Blood

-Austin saw a man's face with a mustache/beard 
-He saw a baby in a blue blanket 
-He thought the baby went overboard
-He saw a snake in a desert
-He wrote "no name yet" by the baby, although he also got he name Zach

-He saw the boat on the ocean and trees on the shore 

The next day my sister Emily handed me another drawing she got from another session she had on her own before bed: 

-She saw hair in a french braid again
-She saw Spanish-style dress
-She saw the ship again and said, "The baby definifelty went overboard"
-She got the name Louis for the boy's name
-She also got the phrase "Baby bundle of joy" 
-She got the sense the baby had been separate on the boat from everyone else
-Then she got the name "Casandra" and "Very Pretty/Perfect Woman"

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