Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spiritual Entity Problem -Solved!

I met with a psychic named Charlynn yesterday. She lives up in Big Basin, Santa Cruz hills.

Her house is pretty amazing inside. VERY well organized. Yellow paint on the walls and fairy sculptures threw me and made me think she prays to the moon or something. But amazing, wide open space and aesthetic layout. I feel like I work for Martha Stewart or something right now, but I loved her house! 

The room we sat in had a mantle on the wall with Buddha and Jesus and a large amethyst stone on it. She had different prayers framed on the wall and table against he wall with candles and incense. I was just happy Jesus was in the room. If she was purely a spiritualist who completely ignored religion, I honestly wouldn't have taken her as seriously.

Charlynn herself was wearing a long silk dress of gold and blue. She herself is blonde and gives off a generally sunny, calm vibe. We sat down and she asked me to describe what my life was like, what my experiences with the entity were like, and what my belief system was. 

I told her I lived in the city and did graphic design, marketing, and my own artwork. I said that I'd always been spiritual -even as a kid and have been experiencing the paranormal for a long time. I was born in a house that's backyard was attached to a cemetery. At the time I didn't notice, and the only thing I remeber experiencing were things going missing from time to time. My parents divorced and moved out of that house when I was 4. Later when I was around 12 and had already experienced paranormal things, my mom and dad both told me about our original house being haunted. 

My dad is an engineer, who I initially assumed didn't believe in ghosts. He said he was at his work bench at the house and a hammer off to his side went missing. He got angry and said, "Put it back!" Then when he went to go reach for it again it was there. He said one time the fan was on and he went to go turn it off and realized it wasn't even plugged in. He's also had other experiences outside of that house: He was once at a house that was for sale to do some repairs and the fireplace lit up with flames and he ran out of that place. He later found out there had been a murder in that home. 

My mom said when she was living in the original house, she had come home one day and all the cabinets in the kitchen were open. She said the remote would be placed on the table in the living room and would then go missing. She'd tear the whole place apart looking for it and wouldn't be able to find it until 3 days later when it magically returned to the exact place it had been before it went missing.

Most of the activity I experienced has happened in the house my mom lives in now. From the age of 12 - present day. The ghost resided upstairs (where my step-sister Sarah and I had our own rooms and a shared bathroom). Over the years the activity has increased there. I would feel the presence nightly when visiting in my 20's. Then one night I actually saw the ghost. 

But the ghost at my apartment from the beginning was distinguished as being a separate entity from that one. The nature of its actions was not the same. Like I've said, it snaps the walls, makes its presence known, and is like dark shadow laying over me. It has also touched me on my arms, legs, face, back, hands, legs... And for a while there was waking me in the night every hour. 

So Charlynn and I were able to meditate and try to figure out who/what this was. From the beginning she said, "It's not a demon, it doesn't intend you harm. I get that it really really wants your attention and its very attached to you. I'm sensing a male energy." 

So far she had verified what the other 2 "psychics who did not specialize in entity detection" had said. But then she said, "It's a younger guy -around your age. Do you know anyone like that who has passed away?" I said, "No". Most of my friends are women in their 40s and up. 

As it went on the presence of the guy became a lot clear to me. I could shut my eyes and see the shadow of him standing in front of me. I could feel him when he stood behind me. I could feel him when he walked to the other side of the room. And I could feel when he was ramping up his energy to fill the room. 

Charlynn said, "It feels like you two go back and forth with each other spiritually. You try to build up your spiritual energy to overcome him and then he does the same, which frightens you and makes you retreat your empowerment dissipates." And exact statement of what's been going on.

She asked me what I'd sensed of him. I said, "I sense that the times he has been angry towards me, it was in violence or hatred, but more out of frustration that he couldn't explain whatever his message was to me. I actually think that God has placed or this entity has come into my life in some way to help me gain spiritual empowerment and get closer to God (because that's what the ultimate effect has been). I said that I didn't think it was my uncle. Especially with the inappropriateness of some of the touching, I don't remember having a creepy uncle so I doubted it was one. I knew it wasn't necessarily evil, but felt it may be stuck or needed help passing over. Either way it was stubborn and was attached to me." 

Charlynn asked, "On a scale of 1 to 10 -1 being very low, non- intuitive - how psychic do you think you are?" I was told by the other psychic Agatha I was pretty dang spiritual, but I only gave myself a 6 because I can sense the entity but can't figure out very much about it. She said that I was kin-esthetic -and could feel the emotions/vibes of entities as well as psychic in the sense of seeing, hearing, or physically sensing them. She said she placed me at an "8".

The  we tried talking with the entity. It never spoke to me and I never heard it. But she asked me to tell the entity about my boundaries. I initially told it, "Stay out of my room, don't touch me, don't wake me up at night." Charlynn then told me to try again in a nicer, more positive way. So I said, "I want you to find peace. I don't mid you hanging out in the other parts of my apartment, but only contact me during the day." She then asked the spirit to tell me what message it had. I then immediately saw the image of a red rose in my mind. 

We then tried to cross the spirit over by asking Jesus to guide it into heaven. even with my eyes shut I did see ray of light shining in from the roof of the room. But the ghost wouldn't go.

In the end Charlynn said that this entity was had a past relationship with me from another life. We had met around the age I am at now and something didn't get completed between us. She said, "Even with Jesus telling him to come to heaven, the man said he wouldn't go because you were his light. When you told him to stay out of your room and leave you alone, I felt heartbreak from him. It was like he was felling, You don't want me in your life? I feel love and adoration from him to you. He admires you and he loves you deeply. I think you two are "family spirits" -not uncle or cousin but more like husband or close relationship. He said no to God to be with you. And Jesus said, 'He has free will and I can't force him to come.'" 

I was stunned. And I started thinking about other things that had occurred with the entity that I hadn't mentioned to Charlynn (because they were embarrassing). It had felt at one point like it had almost cuddled with me. And there were a couple times when I felt a tingling, numb sensation on my lips and a cold breeze like someone's breathe close to me -as if I was being kissed.

Knowing who it was then , Charlynn said, "I encourage you to try and hear his story by doing 'automatic drawing' -since you like to draw. I would also recommend you set aside a couple minutes each day just to acknowledge him. It's about giving quality time because honestly that's all he wants form you. He just really loves you." 

So last night I got ready for bed and put two pillows on the floor and spoke to the ghost, "Charlynn told me to give you a name until I figure out what yours actually is, so I'm calling you 'Stellar'. You can hang out with me during the day, but I do need my sleep at night. I made you a spot on the floor where you can be in my room with me, but don't touch me or wake me up at night. We can hangout in the day. Good night." 

Then I laid down in bed. About 5 minutes later I feel a very distinct presence come into the room. As I'm listening to my music with my eyes closed I see the dark shadow of the ghost come over me and get very close to my face. I then feel it rest alongside my body and this warm, pleasant energy -like a cat's body purring -washed over me. It felt like he was hugging/cuddling with me. And I felt this deep sense of love and I felt very affectionate and warm towards him. I felt really bad for treating him like an enemy for so long.

Then he left after about 2 minutes of that. Then he came back 10 minutes later. He kept laying beside me. And I told him, "I'm still not comfortable with you laying in bed with me or touching me. It's weird. Please lay on the floor and let me sleep." No dice. He got even closer to me and laid his body along the pillow beside mine. Then things got weird. Or weirder. 

I felt his head on the pillow next to mine as I faced towards him, and I got that freezing/tingling/numbing feeling fall over my lips -as if he were kissing me. I didn't kiss back, but I let it happen. I figured if we dated before, then we've kissed before, so it's technically not that new. As long as he doesn't harm me I don't care. Then I felt this pocket energy slowly open my mouth. This happened a couple times throughout the night and it felt almost like something was opening my mouth the way a garage door opener would and then metaphysical energy came into my mouth and moved lightly back and forth. I think he frenched kissed me. Not entirely certain, but I'm thinking that's what happened -which I was not expecting.

And I was like, Ok. I've been single for a while now. This is weird, but you can't say that it's 'bad' necessarily. It's like the movie Ghost or something. And maybe he can protect me from bad things.

So that's where I'm at now. I have a long-lost, ghost boyfriend.

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