Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teens These Days

I'm friends with my 2 teen mentees on Facebook. Only 1 goes on regularly, but I've been seeing the way she interacts with others and more importantly -the way boys interact with her.

Comment Posted by Random "Selfied" Dude: 
Tbh: i like ur eyes o.o but u stranger ._. We should change that :)
Date or pass: Date

-"Tbh" translated means "To Be Honest" which is used before almost every sentence the teens post for some reason. Often these comments guys make will say 3 things: 

1. A statement of "Tbh, I don't know you/ we're strangers..."
2. We should meet/message each other
3. A "rating" of the girl's physical appearance -in this case a 10

Comment Posted by Another Random Selfied Dude: 
Tbh ur cute but we total strangers

Comment Posted by Yet Another RSD: 
Tbh: ur pretty
Tbh: ur a stranger
Tbh: i dont knoe u

Comment Posted by RSD #4: 
Rating: 9.5 <3

Comment Posted by RSD #5:
Tbh: cutie c;
tbh: burn it !
Tbh: dont flake froday keep it lit (;

Comment Posted by RSD#6: 
Goodnight Babe <3
Return back ^.^

Comment Posted by RSD#7:
Tbh ur cute but u stop texting me

Comment Posted by RSD#8:
Tbh your pretty
Tbh your a Stranger
Tbh hmu

-"Hmu" translates into "Hit Me Up" aka "Call Me/ Go Out with Me"

Comment Posted by RSD#9:
Tbh : were strangers.
Tbh : your beautiful :)

Comment Posted by RSD#10:
 Tbh~yur prwtty asf

-"asf" Translates into "as f*ck" aka "very much" 

Comment Posted by RSD#11:
Tbh? (;

Comment Posted by RSD#12:
tbh: Your adorable
tbh: Your cute
tbh: You seem short
rate: Bms <3
We should : chill and talk more (:

-"Bms" translates into "Broke My Scale" aka "You're off-the-charts"

Comment Posted by RSD#13:
Rate 9 .

Comment Posted by RSD#14:
 Date/Pass: Date ;} <3

All of this reminds me of Linked-In only instead of giving endorsements your rating someone on their datability/ appearance. I don't like it. She's only 14 years old. All she's learning from guys is that you gain approval/ acceptance from them if you post hot "selfies" and message them with flirting. 

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