Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Yogi" the Cat

Been meaning to blog this for a while, but I've been busy being lazy so haven't gotten around to it until now.

I went to my mom's house the Saturday before Christmas and left Wednesday morning (Christmas Day). I decided I wanted to stop by Knight's Ferry because it's a beautiful little town that has a covered bridge and an old rundown mill. I wanted to go paparazzi and document everything since I don't go there often.

My sister and I walked through the covered bridge and came to a picnic table on the other side of the river. Then we heard a "mew" sound coming from a bush. Out popped this cute little cat probably a couple months old. It was gray, but the way it's fur looked you could tell it wasn't feral. It wasn't ragged or overly cautious. It seemed friendly and walked around the tables by us -though it never let us pet it.

My sister Emily and I decided to go back the next day and try to catch it. Mom had said she wanted a new cat to hunt mice. So we grabbed a make-shift dog-carrier that had been for a pet toy my sister had. We grabbed some turkey and some cat treats and headed out.

We named the kitty Yogi since it hanged around the picnic table area. Yogi loved the turkey. But he wouldn't let us catch him. :(

So we decided to go out one last time to try and get Yogi. Our new plan was to grind up some sleeping tablets and roll the turkey in it so that Yogi would get sleepy and we could catch him more easily. When I went to leave the house with my sister my mom rolled her eyes at us. As it turns out my step-dad didn't want mom getting a new cat and after that was decided my mom thought it was a stupid idea to try and catch the cat and bring it to an animal shelter. Thanks mom...

We saw Yogi again, and although the turkey laced with sleepy pills made him drowsy, he did not fall asleep. He also wouldn't let us catch him. Instead he bounded off into some bushes and hid after he got full from all the food we brought him. It was our last chance to catch him on our own so we gave up and decided to contact an animal shelter instead. So far none of the shelters I've emailed have contacted me back. :(

UPDATE! Received an email back from the
 local animal shelter:
"Thank you so much for your concern.  We do have a feral cat brigade that works through OSPA and I will alert them about this situation.  As you may be aware, people abandon kittens all over, anywhere.  Then feral cat colonies start and without being spayed reproduce at an incredible rate.  I apologize for the late respnse but I had to tend to a family emergency that happened Monday morning and just returning to town.
If these animals are picked up by the animal shelters/pounds or taken in, they are euthanized.  A service that our organization provides to our zip code areas of 95361 and 95367 are vouchers so if they trap the feral cats/kittens they can be fixed with a clinic we work with for a fee of $5.00 per feral cat. We work throughout the year on fund raising activities to continue to fund our voucher program.  It has become extremely popular and effective by helping to avoid more animals at the local shelter.  
Again thank you for your concern."

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