Friday, January 31, 2014

Ghost Activity 1-31-14

Well the ghost is usually active about 1 night a week. Last night was apparently this week's night. 3:00am exactly I wake up and start hearing noises. Lately it's been the ceiling. It's the kind of snapping sound you hear if you're on the first floor and someone is walking or shifting movement above on the second floor. Only I'm on the second floor and there is no third floor -it's just the roof of the apartment complex. Then I'll hear noises in the living room like the T.V. snapping and making similar noises. Then last night my stupid wall heater vent -which has been off despite my attempts at turning it on for the past 4 months -randomly kicked on. I had to get up and turn it off because it started making my apartment too warm. 

But overall I'm no longer frightened. Just annoyed -the way it used to be when I would experience stuff at my mom's. There's only been 3 legitimate times when I sensed/picked up on something spiritually that left the realm of "ghost" and entered the land of "demon". And then I thought last night: Why? Why a demon if it is that? I know my parents originally lived in a house whose backyard was attached to a cemetery, but why would the ghost follow my sister and I after all these years? Then I remembered how demons are said to enter the "physical world" in the first place. 

Basically if there is an incident/event of dark unrest a "split" will be made in the spiritual environment and a demon will enter in. Kind of like if there's a crack in the wall of your house, bugs are more likely to enter. This "crack in the spiritual wall" is caused by incidents like murder, abuse, fighting, suicide, and in my case loud arguments and divorce. These kinds of events create a space for darkness to enter into. I think that's why whatever entity this is found its founding in my family. The reason it doesn't bother my mom is she's my mom: very blunt, overt, loud, and dominant. My dad's kind of a push-over, but he's still a grown man that can be vocal when he wants to be. My sister and I on the other hand -we're low-key, accommodating, and spiritual. People with more grace and a quieter spirit are "easier" targets -though ultimately cannot be conquered because of those very same characteristics.

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