Monday, August 1, 2016

Angel Cards #19

Not much happened this past week. I started getting really lethargic and tired. Mostly slept a lot and stayed in bed towards the end of it, which is kind of weird. I should be getting better and my energy should be improving... part of me thinks it's spiritual energy issues more than physical. They say if you're lethargic to meditate and specifically get GROUNDED/tap into your Root Chakra. This does help a lot, but it's still only temporary alleviation. 

Doreen July 19th + 20th:

I definitely feel like in general my spiritual abilities are doing some kind of workout I'm only partially aware of. Part of that leads to days when you feel super-empowered and other days where you feel really tired and drained -like you would doing exercise routines. 

Doreen July 21st:

I was tired and wanted to accomplish everything at once this day, but my body said NO. I knew I needed to rest. So I started asking myself, "What IS the rush? Why am I in such a hurry when I have an entire day?" Our mentality is bred to keep up with fast-paced demands and we treat ourselves as if we weren't human. "Take Time to Take Care of Yourself" was kind of this week's theme. 

Doreen July 22th + 25th:

Again, draw from Root Chakra to overcome lethargy and feeling tired and stop wearing yourself out over worry. Financial worry is the one that haunts me most. Amputate my leg, but don't let me fall into debt. Changing the languaging in my mind towards these things is hard. Reframe this painting in your mind. 

Doreen July 26th:

I was KONKED OUT this day. I pretty much slept throughout it. And when I finally got up to go on Instagram to see Doreen's post I was like, "YUP. That was my entire day." 

Doreen July 27th:

It's like when your arm is in a sling after it's been broken, you have this pull from habit to extend your arm to reach for something but then the pain reminds you hat you aren't able to right now. I have an instinct to do a million things, but only the energy to rest. The message for this day was, "Don't worry so much about 'supposed to'... You deserve Peace." 

Doreen July 28th:

I was drained again, but I felt the instinct to go outside and meditate because it would help my body/energy so I did for a little while. I think all this seclusion and dragging days of little going on is starting to make me depressed. Keeping a positive mindset is like holding onto a raft to stay afloat during a flood. 

Doreen July 30th: 

Once again, you can't rush Healing. The message was clear: Take it easy. 

Doreen July 31st: 

In spite of having 3 nights of really intense nightmares, I actually feel pretty good today and more energized -like a fog has lifted. Some thoughts I've had over the past couple of days have also led me to the conclusion that I am INTENDED to write some books and that when the time comes it will Come Through Me -just as it did with the Coloring Book pages. I'll just sit down at my computer and everything will materialize quickly through writing. No need to worry, just acknowledgement of what's to come and what I'm intended for. 

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