Sunday, August 28, 2016

Metaphor for Humanity

I drove up to a McDonalds to order some manufactured food because I needed the caffeine to work through my veins that I might be of some practical utility to those who request my services. Who is the business and who is the customer? We are all both most of the time. 

I drive my some rose bushes I had no expectation of seeing and was left stunned and stirred by their vibrance. Here is HEAVEN. Finally! It's such a distant place and yet made so near sometimes. The scent, the color, the natural beauty of it. It's here. Heaven is here. 

And then as I drive forward I spot the Monster Energy drink can tossed among the thorns. This is the pain of Humanity that it inflicts upon itself. Being blessed with wonder and returning that gaze with dispassionate cynicism. 

"It's just a bush." 

And we are just souls to blind to see the significance of anything beyond ourselves.  

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