Sunday, August 14, 2016

Angel Cards #20 + Dreams 8-03 to 8-14 + Synchronicity

Doreen August 2nd:

The day I got hired at Mile High United Way as a Campaign Admin.  

Doreen August 4th:

This was kind of foreshadowing, and the message kind of carried over the next couple of days. Drinking too much hot chocolate or coffee is an issue because it can increase dehydration -which given my catheter situation is not good. 

Doreen August 5th:

Don't doubt yourself or your intuition. You seek truth, speak truth, and know truth. 

Doreen August 10th:

Again paying attention to health is important. I was running around a lot the first week of work and didn't have a snack on hand -leading me to extreme headaches and a lack of focus. 

Doreen August 11th:

I feel like sometimes Doreen reiterates her points until they are genuinely adopted. She was more specific with this one and directly said No Coffee and unhealthy foods. It's amazing how health can come second or even third to career pursuits or day to day living. 

My Dreams:

8/03: I went shopping with my Grandma Cookie, but I knew I couldn't afford anything so I only looked for cheap things. Found some spiritual stuff for very little money -like a hackey sack that had the chakras on it and a bog set of Angel Cards. Then I came a cross a 2 boxes that each had something to do with Jesus. One had stones in it and I knew it would be worth more, but the other had quotes by Jesus and I knew that ultimately the quotes meant more -so I grabbed that one. 

I then saw a pile of Disney movies and started rummaging through. I KNEW the movie Pocahontas was the most important and it was almost as if I needed to get it. Then I ran into my step-dad who told me he had no money and was in need of some. I had a $60 gift certificate and initially had reservations of handing it to him, but did it anyways because I knew he needed it more. 

8/04: I was walking through the woods and saw some other people hiking. A transwoman in a wheel chair rolled by and I started talking to her. She said she was in the Olympics and headed towards a wheelchair-related sport. I decided to follow her and on the way into a big building center I passed by my friend Chelsie -who I haven't seen in a long long time and was like a little sister to me. 

Chelsie was hesitant to approach me when I reached out to hug her. She thought that I wouldn't approve of her because of something she did. I said, "But I love you. Nothing else matters." She started crying and quickly reached out and hugged me. 

Then the woman in the wheelchair asked me to help her look after her pet hamster. The hamster started having medical issues and it looked like it had internal pains. I attempted to pray over it, but didn't know what to do so I went with her to a pet hospital. On the walls outside the pet hospital there were these white boards tracking Hillary Clinton's success. She had an 80% lead. Basically the companies in the area and in other states banned together and sort of insinuated that they wouldn't serve people who were against Hillary being president. 

Finally managed to get the hamster to the vet and the second I handed it over it felt like "everything will be ok". She then washed the hamster in cold water and said that it would help. 

8/10: In all honesty I don't remember this dream at all, but I wrote down what it was about because I track my dreams. Apparently it had something to do with donating money to a non-profit verses volunteering. The conclusion that I reached in the dream was that both were good. 

8/12: This dream I remember pretty vividly. I was abducted by aliens and taken to their planet. They were pretty nice and were telling me that they only eat bugs and plants and that they drink water like people do. There culture honored the 4 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. There planet was a pretty tropical/jungle-like one. 

They said they needed a twin boy and girl to help them with figuring something out. This boy and girl were sent to their "elder council" of the wise. They purposely looked for wise/knowing people who were prophetic. There were what represented 4 planets interconnected through a waterway system and the twins traveled down that system to get between the "planets". 

Also had a second dream about driving around various neighborhood trying to psychically feel if a house was dark or positive. When I came across a house with a creepy vibe I would pray for it and then drive on. 

Then had some sort of dream about knowing something BIG was coming -either good or bad. 

8/13: This dream consisted of 3 dreams as well. 

Part 1: I was working a the United Way and it was announced that they were partnered with the Clinton Foundation and everyone was freaking out because they it was under investigation and they were worried the FBI would be coming in and investigating their non-profit as well for being affiliated with it. 

Part 2: Had a dream I fell in love with this older guy -and I mean REALLY fell in love with him, and I felt it in the dream. But I was worried he wouldn't want me or that we couldn't be together since I'm asexual. So I basically found someone that looked similar to me and tried to lead him to be with that person. I told him he would be happier with her -even though it hurt to do it. 

Part 3: My artwork was printed in a book made by an art gallery and I got to flip through the pages and see my work. 

8/14: Had a dream that a couple bought a house previously owned by a serial killer. He had kidnapped young teen boys, abused them, murdered them, and buried them in the basement. The couple didn't care about the homes history -they figured they could fix it up and no one would no otherwise. Then they started experiencing paranormal stuff. 

I went into the house to try and help them and pretty quickly ran into the ghost of the serial killer -who was insanely creepy, but not necessarily dangerous. I then called on the Holy Spirit and other divine beings and they essentially took care of things. After that part of the house was cleared and I blessed the upstairs I decided to come back another time to tackle the basement area which I was pretty sure was haunted as well. 


#1 Pine Trees. I have had a craving -starting around Thursday -to see the woods and go into nature. Then yesterday my parents took me on a trip to the Garden of the Gods and a zoo. I got to pet a giraffe! Basically my "need" for nature was met. I feel like God leads you to the things that you need and/or brings them about. 

#2 Upside-down Triangle. 

I've been seeing upside-down triangles a lot, and saw them throughout the day yesterday and was just kind of confused like, "What the heck does it mean???" Then I went on Instagram last night and saw this:

Did NOT realize that was the symbol for asexuality. Not sure why that's been coming up this week, but whatever. 

#3 Deja Vu at the Office. 

I was in a Salesforce tutorial meeting when it hit. I swear to God I either had a MEMORY of it happening as it was happening or had some past dream about it happening exactly as it occurred. There have been a couple moments similar to that where it really hits me, "I am MEANT to be here right now. God WANTS me to be here." 

And I reflected on it and realized a couple years ago I had made a chart tracking which causes I had more affinity for and unfortunately Poverty was one that I struggled with. I actually wished that I could be closer to that cause so I could "stretch" the compassion of my soul and grow as a person. So I realized -not only am I getting an inside look at the issues contributing to poverty and the people it effects, but also am apart of an organization that alleviates poverty. God does good work. 

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