Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dreams 7-25 to 8-2

These are the Dreams from about the past week. 

Monday 7/25: 

Part 1: I remember I healed somebody and there was a lot of spiritual things going on, but to me it felt normal. It reminded me of Men in Black when they're reacting normally to aliens jumping around. At the end of the dream it felt like I was meant to do great spiritual things. 

Part 2: This was a lonnnngggg dream. I walked into a castle and saw Anne Boleyn and Henry the 8th saying, "We'll lie low for the first year so no one suspects we're together, and then we'll present ourselves as a couple when Katherine's gone." The castle had floors of marble and was very illustrious. 

I then walked down a path and came to a building I then proceeded to walk into to get to my bedroom. My bed was a bunk bed in a theater room and when I walked in a bunch of actors dressed as zombies started walking to me and a large digital clock on the wall said I had 5 minutes to escape being captured by them. I tried to ignore it and just get into bed thinking they'd get the message, but they didn't and it started to creep me out so I ran and they started chasing after me. 

I then made it back to the entrance of the building and they said, "Congratulations, you escaped! Do you want to play again?" I realized the whole place was like a giant arcade game and people would pay to play "Evade the Zombie". So I played a couple rounds then wanted my bedroom back, but it wouldn't end. 

I then walked out back behind the building and saw an 8 year old boy being grabbed and beaten by an older man who he worked for. A group of other men approached telling him to let the boy go, but no one intervened. So I stepped in and grabbed the boy and told him to run with me back to the entrance. Then I woke up. 

Wednesday 7/27: 

I was living at my mom's house and was back in my old bedroom. My sister walked in, but it was dark so with my hand I reached out several feet away from the light switch and managed to turn it on spiritually. My sister was impressed. Then my mom came in and told me I had to move out. After I started packing she made it clear she was surprised how long I was taking to go. 

It's interesting that I had this dream because I did ask myself after mom went off about my step-mom, whether at some point my mom would have ever kicked me out of the house the way my step-mom did a long time ago (which is part of the reason my mom resents her). This dream kind of answered that question.  

Thursday 7/28:

This dream had 3 parts and was intense. I need to explain the first dream by prefacing with some facts. I have a friend named Stephy, when she was 19 went to a dance with her friends, got drunk for the first time, and a guy she met there and started forming a crush on offered to take her back to her hotel. He then forced himself on her in the room and she had tried to fight him off, but was disoriented. Stephy is many years older now and recently posted a picture of herself dog sitting for some people. 

Part 1: I see Stephy walking to a home, leaning against this guy, because she was clearly drunk. On the steps outside the home are clothes that have been discarded there and some rose petals -making it look and feel as if someone either had had sex or was planning to. She then walked into the home and sat on the couch. The guy then locked the door, ran over to her, and started forcing himself on her. I didn't see what happened after that. The sense I got was he "wasn't sure" if she would put out, so he decided to rape her instead to make sure he got what he wanted. 

Just because somebody intends to possibly have sex with you, gives No One the right to attack them that way. 

I came into the house many hours later and asked her what she wanted to do about the situation. She said she wanted to burn the house down. She told me no one was in the house, so no one would be harmed. She thought the house was his, so she lit a candle and started setting the curtains on fire. 

Just then a couple with children drove up into the parking lot. They walked in and Stephy put the fire out when they made it clear the house was theirs. They were nice to us though, and offered to let us stay the night since it was so late. They also showed me their book collection -which included some spiritual works.  

Part 2: I decided to stay in a room in a hotel that was allegedly haunted. During the night things got frightening and it was clear there were 3 entities present and 1 was demonic. At one point I was levitated straight off of my bed and right up to the ceiling. I closed my eyes and asked God to take me in as I rose up. I then felt/saw a light come through the ceiling and I descended to the ground.

When I landed the demonic entity was frightened of me and it was clear we were having a stand off and I had more strength, power and assurity.  The demon then tried to throw me off with weird illusions and sights which made it hard for me to keep my focus. That dissipated and the entity left. Things went back to normal, I felt safe, and I went back to bed. 

Part 3: I was driving around with my friend Alex and we decided to go to a movie theater. When there we decided pretty quickly to watch a horror film. I then walked into the theater, and into a small, locked barn. It was dark and I had trouble opening the latch to get out. I then sensed the spirit of an animal -a dog -that had been abused on the barn and passed away. It's pain was severe even though it no longer had a body, and I crossed it over so it would find peace. 

Friday 7/29: 

I was at dad's old house and my sister Emily and I were decorating the tiles for his roof with paint, glitter glue, and bling. This is the second dream I've had of Emily and I painting some aspect of the exterior of a house. 

Saturday 7/30: 

This dream frightened me worse than any dream I've had in years. 

I needed to see a nurse, so I went with my friend to the doctor's. While there my back started itching with bumps that then became swollen and bloated. My friend told me I probably had the "rhino virus" which I thought was a fancy word for the common cold. 

When sitting in the doctor's office the nurse looked over my body and my leg started to get lumpy and numb. I could move it, but could not feel it. My skin had also started becoming the consistency of clay. The nurses freaked out and said they were going to get help. I started panicking and KNEW I needed to pray. I asked my friend to hold my hand while I prayed so it would be stronger between us. I only got to pray for about 20 seconds -which wasn't very long. 

I was worried I wasn't connected to God and couldn't feel the presence of those above. The nurse then came in and said they needed to do surgery. Initially I thought they were going to open up my body, but they said that part was fine. They showed me a diagram and said, "We will remove your lower jaw, your brain, your upper skull, and your eyes." They were going to completely replace my head. 

I was terrified and saw my dad in the waiting room. I told him what was going to happen, but he didn't seem to care or register what was going on. He said, "Yah it will be fine..." But I was mostly concerned for my eyes. I was pleading to him, "But what if I can't see the same afterwards? What if I'm blind? Will it hurt to see?" He didn't comfort me much. For a second I thought, "I wish my mom were here..." but then I remembered how she tends to over-react to things and cause drama and decided I was kind of glad she wasn't. 

I woke up from the dream slowly and was still terrified upon waking because it STILL didn't occur to me I wasn't having the surgery. My mind was racing and I was deeply panicked. I called to God in my head and prayed to Jesus but couldn't really feel their presence the way I normally do. I knew I had become disconnected somehow and that I needed them deeply. 

Then finally after about 3 minutes of this, PEACE came through and I felt a great calm descend over me. It was then that I realized I was worried and frightened over nothing and the dream wasn't real. After I reflected on it a while, I decided what frightened and upset me most was how ALONE I felt going through something scary. I brushed off other people not really being there to comfort me, but for God to not come through and to be cut off in that moment was deeply saddening and frightening. 

I ended up going to church the next day, feeling deeply compelled to connect to God and a place of peaceful energy. I was worried people might notice my travel catheter under my jeans, but nobody seemed to care and service went well. 

Sunday 7/31:

I had a dream Mile High United Way accepted me for the job of Marketing/Admin Assistant. I went to go work there, starting next week, and there were a lot of women co-workers and it was hard keeping track of everyone's names. There was a lot of work to do and a lot of running around which kept me busy. 

Today, 8/02, I got a call from Mile High United Way and they HIRED ME for that position! I'm supposed to start next Monday! 

Monday 8/01: 

I was in a bathroom at mom's house and she came in and started bossing me around. I actually stood up to her and told her she couldn't treat me that way anymore. The way I felt was like saying, "You don't own me anymore. You have no power over me. This is MY autonomy." My mom always makes excuses for treating me like a child, saying "You'll always be my daughter..." At no point has she acknowledged or accepted that my life is my own. That I'm an adult in full control of my own choices. And it did feel like she sort of owned me when I lived with her. She had the finances and the roof over my head it because of that it felt like she owned my life. 

I woke up from the dream kind of frustrated that I'm still having these internal struggles where I just want to find peace and let go. Then this sort of thought came to me as if someone else were saying it, "Let children make their mistakes, they will learn from them." It helped ease my mind. My mother's actions are HER own -not mine to consort with. 

Tuesday 8/02:

Had a dream I was going on multiple job interviews with my catheter in. It was not working out and people kept asking questions about it. It was embarrassing. 

I was actually kind of worried about this happening in real life. I submitted yesterday to a bunch of jobs and thought, "Will I still have the catheter in for those interviews if I get called in?" 

At this point I'm hoping the urologist session goes well, but it is likely I'll still be wearing the catheter for another week or so until they officially decide what to do -which means I'll be starting my new job with my mobile leg catheter bag on. 

***Just as a side note, when I got the call confirming I had got the job, I sat down at my computer and immediately smelled my grandma's perfume. The word "Love" and "Blessings" came up and I knew she was affirming it was the right job for me. 

Doreen Virtues Angel Card today was also "Blessings" -denoting the Angels had come through with good news and good results from previous prayer requests made. :)

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