Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Personality Test

The United Way made the mistake of giving me a personality test to take. Given this is my 7th personality test taken, I’m pretty quick with taking it, catching the pattern, and analyzing the results.

The good news is I’m consistently consistent most of the time. My personality hasn’t exactly yo-yo’d into something else. If anything it’s gotten more founded/clear as time has gone on.

This personality test is the 3rd that has focused itself around 4 basic color constructs. And each color tends to affiliate with the same personality traits.

Personality Trait 1: Spiritual, Intuitive, Creative, Peaceful, Caring, Positive, Sensitive

Personality Trait 2: Ingenuitive, Pondering, Truth-Seeking, Analytical, Organized, Intellectual

Personality Trait 3: Traditional, Structured, Practical, Sensible, Duty-Oriented, Hard-Working

Personality Trait 4: Action-Oriented, Social, Fun-Seeking, Expressive, Competitive, Energetic

The colors affiliated with each trait have some consistencies and differences between the 3 tests I’ve taken.

Trait 1 has been Yellow, White, and in this case BLUE.

Trait 2 has been Blue, Blue, and in this case GREEN.

Trait 3 has been Green, Red, and in this case GOLD.

Trait 4 has been Red, Red, and in this case ORANGE.

I’ve always been a pretty close tie between Traits 1 and 2, with Trait 3 fairly nearby and Trait 4 wayyyyyy off in the distance.

Basically I break down the traits like this, because this is essentially what they’re trying to get at:

Trait 1 = SOUL/Spirituality

Trait 2 = Mind/Mental Focus

Trait 3 = Attached to Pre-Designed Structures of Understandings

Trait 4 = Young Soul with Energy and Personable Skills

They kind of want to know where you are in life in terms of personality and maturity. Also how these traits work together in you are as a whole since no one person will be just one trait or have the other traits left out. What is the general landscape of your personality? Most importantly they want to know are you a good fit for your position. If your position involves a lot of thinking and creative solutions, but you’re more of an in-person do-as-your told kind of individual it might not be a good fit. People tend to gravitate towards the roles that complement their assets and tendencies. 

This particular test had 3 parts... 

1. Picture Images: They had several images affiliated with each trait -like a person playing the violin or a race car. You then had to rate each image on a scale from 1 to 4 -1 being not much and 4 being extremely relatable. We then had to total the score for each trait's images. 

2. Text/Related Words: Each trait had 19 words affiliated with it and you had to rate each word on a scale from 1 to 4 -1 being not much and 4 being extremely relatable. We then had to total the score for each trait. 

3. Survey Questions: We were asked 15 questions and had to rate what we thought of options A, B, C, and D on a scale from 1 to 4 again, then total the score for each letter. 

Then we totaled all the numbers together. 

My Results:

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