Thursday, August 18, 2016

Medical Updates + Plans

Had a cystoscopy (camera inserted) yesterday at the urologists -nothing. They still don't know what's wrong with me. Normally people in their 60s and 70s have these sorts of issues -not someone my age out of nowhere for no apparent reason. Next step is getting an MRI. Since I've had a catheter for over a month now they decided to "upgrade" that system. I now have the catheter out and have been given in/out disposable catheters without the bag. Basically just disposable tubes you use anytime you need to go pee. More convenient than I thought, but still kind of a challenge. 

As for blogs -I have added to blog ideas to write about but have -34% of time to actually accomplish it in. The environment at MHUW is supppperrereprerrrrr fast-paced. I kind of wish my last company had some of their momentum just so more stuff would be accomplished. Every time I get the list of things to do down to what appears to be a manageable size I get handed a new project to work on. So far my primary tasks are:

1. Assigning partner speakers from affiliated non-profits to join internal speakers at corporate campaign fundraising events to talk about MHUW. 

2. Track inventory of supplies -including marketing collateral so internal speakers/campaign reps have stuff to take with them to those sorts of events. 

3. Track/log in InKind donations 

And every once in a while I'll also be asked to do other things -like attend speaker webinars. 

I also have side-projects I assign myself knowing that when I leave this position I'd like to make the transition for the next person into it a little easier. I will create an Orientation document that's a lot simpler and has more of the essential information on hand. I will also create some other supporting document to convey some important messages about MHUW that the non-profit could use as well. 

My goal at some point is to type up blogs because I feel like there is a calling for that and I hate just writing about my life when there are important things going on in the world. 

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