Sunday, August 7, 2016

Passed Relatives -Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Randy

Last night was interesting. My Grandpa Ray came through. I wasn't really close with my grandpa growing up so it was kind of different/awkward for him to come through as clearly as he did when I was in bed last night trying to connect to Heaven before going to sleep. 

It was his essence/presence and I could see his face very clearly. He wasn't like he used to be here on Earth though. Grandpa had been a stern man who had fought in WW2 and injured his leg -getting a Purple Heart. He was a hard worker, an engineer at IBM, and a pretty serious kind of guy. I could tell he cared about me, but he usually expressed it by telling me not to do potentially dangerous things -like rollerblading in the driveway. 

When he got cancer he was reduced to a shell of himself. It's like somebody had sucked all the life from his soul and he was reduced to a shadow in a wheel chair. I think he defined himself as being productive and useful and when his body failed him he had labeled himself a burden incapable of really experiencing life the way he had used to. When he passed away I had kind of buried the pain for about a week until it kind of emerged on its own. It was a hard relationship and a difficult connection to define. 

But now he is LIGHT. He is calm, at peace, and unburdened. He is a different man, and yet the same soul. Still don't know why it was important for him to reach me, but he did. I saw flashbacks to when I had been at his house looking out at the view from his porch. He knew my memories and my past. And he made it clear he was Beyond the past now -it didn't matter what was or what wasn't. I think he just wanted me to know he IS there for me. 

Two days ago on 8/05 I had a dream and Grandma Jean came through. Grandma's been popping up a lot lately. I smelled her perfume and felt her presence the day I got my job. I've always been close to Grandma so she's the most frequent relative to come round. I had a dream of her and she was plain as day to me as she had been when she was alive. I could FEEL her energy and KNEW it was her. I was worried about Medical Bills and financial stuff and she basically told me everything would take care of itself. "What Medicare doesn't cover just pay out of pocket with the money from the new job." 

It's weird that her advice was so clear and related to what I've been concerning myself with most these days, but she is looking out for my well-being in all ways -just as God is. 

Over 2 months ago I asked myself, "How CAN a relative from Heaven visit?" It occurred to me Saints could come through because they were divinely appointed to -like Angels. But I maintained that an ordinary, civilian soul of Heaven could only come through and reach Earth again if it was an emergency and they needed to help out a relative. Even then -pretty rare. And yet many psychics can perceive these relatives "coming through". How? 

Then I had visit from my Uncle Randy 2 days after pondering that question. I was laying in bed and then I perceived of him. I was very close to Randy as a kid. He always made funny jokes and was great to my sister and I. He died several years ago in a motorcycle accident and I had attended his funeral. So this was the first time he had ever "come through". I knew it was him by his essence/ presence and the clarity of his appearance. 

He showed me vision of riding around the woods on a dirt bike through Heaven and riding down a river in a boat. He was always outdoorsy and adventurous. Then he came close and I felt him come towards me and "hug" me as best as he could. I felt a kind of warmth and love pass over me from him. 

It was then that I perceived HOW it was happening. I understood that his appearance to me was kind of like a Hologram. It was a visual message occurring in Heaven -not here -that was brought by the Holy Spirit. His presence and energy was conveyed by the Holy Spirit. His "hug" was extended by the Holy Spirit. It was Randy, but at the same time it was being expressed by the Holy Spirit who was actually able to reach me where he couldn't come down. 

This is how relatives and ordinary people in Heaven can be perceived here on Earth. They're not actually returning to the earth or drawing near from Heaven -they are just REPRESENTED as clear as day by a divine being who is able to come through. The Holy Spirit is the messenger -the screen in which the movie can be played out. 

You're relatives do love you and watch over you. they do try to come through sometimes and be perceived -usually without you seeing it coming. 

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