Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dreams -Visions -Update 8-24-16

Visions from 8/02: Diver and Manta Ray swimming in circle in the ocean limbs reaching out towards one another.

Dream 8/15: I only remember parts of this dream, the rest is via notes that I took when I woke up. I was worried about working 1AM to 4AM at Mile High United Way because I feared not being able to sleep or keep up with work. Woke up feeling kind of stupid for that dream and thankful my hours are from 8am to 5pm. Went back to sleep and had another dream involving a family incident that did occur a couple weeks ago. Basically my step-dad has a car he was working on but never finished. It was at my mom’s house and since they recently sold the house she decided to take the car “as her own” and sell it. My step-dad then reported the car stolen since he didn’t want her selling the car and taking the money for herself since it was his. Police showed up and didn’t take his report seriously since my mom treated his concerns like he was an idiot and since he’s living in another state the police just basically took mom’s side in that moment.

In the dream I sat down with mom at the house and calmly tried to talk with her and explain my step-dad’s perspective to her –especially since I feel he was in the right since it was legally his car and everything. She basically told me I was “taking sides” and didn’t know what I was talking about. For a dream this is pretty accurate considering that’s how 90% of my conversations with mom have gone in the past for similar issues.

Dream 8/19: I dreamed I helped dad find job on Linked-In by sorting through potential companies. This was interesting because last week dad had asked me to help him with Linked-In and I hadn’t gotten around to it. This seemed to kind of tell me to follow-up with him and help him out –especially since his job searches and interviews have been pretty bleak lately.

In another dream, I recently got given a United Way pin and my Grandma showed up in my dream and talked to me about it. My grandma used to collect dozens of pins –all of which I still have and keep in a wooden box because they remind me of her. In the dream she showed me a particular pin she had gotten and was proud of. She was happy I had gotten the pin and had saved hers.

Dream 8/21: This dream was longgggg and insane. The main highlights of this dream include my friend Nina helping me steel bananas from a grocery store because I had no money and needed food, followed by Nina getting pulled over by cops for speeding, followed by us coming across of teen cult of mostly girls who decided they wanted to kill us. The dream was concluded with me and my sister Emily escaping from the cult group’s hideout –deciding that I didn’t hate them only wanted them to stop chasing after us. No idea what ANY of this dream meant… it was weird.

Dream 8/22: Yet another alien dream. I’ve gone from having alien dreams maybe twice a year to about 5 in the past 3 weeks. In this dream I was watching a movie in a big theater that was kind of a documentary on an anomaly that occurred in a dirt field. A shape had been forged perfectly in the dirt/sand with no signs of a vehicle or a person setting foot there. I drew the shape when I woke up –it was kind of a play on an infinity loop and it was insinuated that aliens had made it.

*During the Day 8/22: Had serious Déjà vu moment while looking up buffet costs for a casino that gave us a certificate on I had a flashback to the moment as it was occurring.

*Understanding at End of the Day 8/22: So I basically had a vision –only this one was like a video clip and it was sort of explained to me as I was watching it. It consisted of light waves of positivity going up and coming down into negative pools of dark water. Right now we’re coming out of a dark wave of negativity and headed up for more positivity to come through, then a BIG pool of dark negativity bigger than before, then a HUGE!!! Wave of positivity climbing up –then it cuts off. Basically life is done being crappy, will be good, then back to crappy stuff happening again worse than before, then beyond amazing stuff happening. It’s like a spiritual forecast for general future events. I feel like there’s a tug –of –war between Hell and Heaven right now –with Heaven simply rising ABOVE the darkness as it comes up.

Dream 8/24: Last night I dreamed I worked as an assistant jewelry salesperson at a high-end jewelry store that catered to old rich women. I basically helped them pick out their jewelry and kind of noted right off that the jewelry didn’t mean much to me or the wealth affiliated with the customers. Then I saw that they were spending $2000 to $3000 on each piece of jewelry and I thought my brain would explode. THAT COULD HAVE GONE TO A NON-PROFIT CAUSE!!! This is why no one likes the wealthy by the way. There’s children starving and living on the streets and these are the things they deem more important to be spending money on.

***Update on Status and Job:

I don’t even know where we last left off. My job’s going good –officially have the hang of things and likely because of that they’ve decided to give me more responsibilities and things to do –which I’m actually happy about because I’m super productive/efficient now. Still have -236824 hours to spend on personal stuff/me things during and after the day, but obviously made time for this post so things are slightly improving on that front. 

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