Thursday, August 4, 2016

Internet Messages 7-25 to 8-04

Well when I start work next week I'll be gone from 8am to 5:30pm and by the time I get home I'll be pretty tired so needless to say that for the first month at least blogs will swiftly decrease in number and frequency unfortunately. I'll try to keep updating as best as I can, but there's a time to write and a time to do. A time for reflection and a time for action. 

I'll be working for a non-profit from now until December trying to help them with admin/marketing and raising funds. They help at-risk youth and financially disadvantaged people. 

Here's the message from the internet from this past week. a LOT of Buddhist/Chakra messages have been coming up... a LOT. Also the message of Universal Spiritual Unity Among Various Religions.

Message 1: The Wisdom of Buddhism and Other Religions in Harmony 

Message 2: Do Not Fear Conflict -Mast the Art of Handling it with Grace

Message 3: The Soul Finds it's Home in Love

Message 4: Everyone Hates Politics and Bullsh*t of This World Because Behind It All Is Pain

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