Friday, August 5, 2016

The Healing Continues

Attempted to go to the Medicaid office today. They basically told me they could only help people see if they were qualified for Medicaid. A whole office full of people, but no one could actually help WITH your Medicaid. The lady there told me to use the number on my card -aka the Customer Service number that will keep you on hold for the next eternity. She told me to call them early in the morning around 7am. Awesome. 

Then I went to the Urologist. Basically it was just an introductory meeting. Her theory is that my previous UTI had led to the problems I was now having -which is a pretty good theory. She gave me an updated catheter leg bag and scheduled me for my next appointment in 2 weeks. They're going to go with a camera to try and see if there's a blockage causing the retention. It's called a "cystoscopy". I wish doctors would spell these sorts of things out for me. I am going to have to explain this to about 3 different relatives lately when they ask me what's going on. Good thing Google's got my back...

The urologist basically said that when the bladder "goes into shock" it can sometimes get out of it in a couple months -which is what she's hoping happens with me. 

On the plus side the $250 they were going to have me pay for the appointment was taken care of by Medicaid -meaning I'm not financially broke into oblivion. YAYZZZZ!!!! 

And I'm used to the catheter by now. It kind of sucks that I have to start work with it, but odds are I'll be so busy that neither me or anybody else will really notice. 

Oh yah, and here's a picture of me the day I got hired. I kind of look like a dork, but I'm a happy dork -so that's what matters: 

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