Sunday, July 31, 2016

Healing Saga Continues

Found out Dr. M******, the urologist I was going to see doesn't take Medicaid. So then I went on an epic quest to find a new urologist that does. Thanks in part to -my new favorite site -I found a doctor with 4 Stars that I'm scheduled to meet next Friday. 

I also tragically noted that of the list of 40 suggested urologists from Medicaid's website that were alleged to take patients with Medicaid, only 2 of those 40 were women. So when I went on I purposely sought out women urologists that were available and would take Medicaid. The number of women urologists themselves was very small compared to men, but I still manged to find one. Only 2 Women out of 40 Men in ANY profession is a unfathomable at this point in our human history.  

In other news, got some updates no my family health history and discovered my great-grandma had Colon Cancer, my grandma Uterine Cancer, and my mom had Endometriosis polyps and a benign tumor on her ovaries. In other words, my mom's side of the family doesn't have the best track record for uterus-related issues. Hopefully this turns out to be nothing serious. 

The other weird health thing that happened was, about a week ago I met up with my fellow job-search friends James and Curtis and Curtis mentioned a good dentist he went to go see and said he could get me his number in case I ever needed him since I'm still sort of new to Colorado. 

Then later that day my step-mom said that while I was covered under Medicaid I should go see a dentist and maybe an eye doctor just for a checkup. 

Then 3 days ago I get a sharp pain in one of my lower-mouth teeth off to the side of my mouth. 

Then I get my DentaQuest Medicaid card in the mail yesterday. 

Then today I saw this post:

Still not sure if I should see the dentist or not. I want to see if my tooth just heals on its own. 

Today I managed to go to church (the one that had the art/author festival) and one of the things they mentioned was looking for the Lesson in life's tragedies and issues. What can I learn from this? 

So I kind of asked myself that, What messages have I received because of this that will be of some benefit to know in the future? 

The conclusion I've reached is how IMPERATIVE it is for Healing to be made available to all people. Health isn't something to f*ck around with. And people shouldn't be playing money games around a person's well-being and life. Christ healed ALL freely. He didn't charge for His gifts of grace, they were shared with everyone. And we have the capacity to honor His sacrifice and His blessings by echoing those sentiments as a people. God HEALS indiscriminately. 

The other understanding was how spiritually Blessed in Kindness those that look after others are. The real saints of this world are nurses. The gratitude and appreciation I have for their care towards me is immeasurable. They made me feel human and safe when it seemed like I was alone in uncertainty. 

Give of your Grace Freely through acts of Caring. 

*Update: For anyone who ever finds themselves in need of follow-up with health insurance provider or in this case Medicaid, do it as soon as you can and don't hesitate and follow these basic instructions: 

#1 The Customer Contact Center on your medical card is bull. They will leave you on hold for the next millennium. Skip it. 

#2 A lot of medical insurers now have online portals you can go on and fill out information on and even ask questions. Make sure they have your case number and Member ID/Policy Number. 

#3 Ask for a Case Worker or how to find one to go over your specific situation and what will or won't be covered. 

#4 To get a hold of your Case Worker either call incessantly to another line that will also probably leave you on hold for the next 1,000 years or go to the actual department/office where that person is likely to be located. 

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