Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Self Assessment

My old life coach told me I should do a weekly (or daily) check-in with myself to assess my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I actually did that for a while and noticed tiny things that didn't seem to amount to much relevance. Some days my back would hurt -other days my eyes. Some days I was happy, most days I was frustrated or mopey... Either way doesn't seem to make much difference now. 

But it is important to check in every month or so and see where you're at more so in life than "present state of being". Right now I feel like there's a shift. Like I'm pushing away the things in life that I was getting bogged down by and am really taking control and trying to move forward. My goal is to enjoy life more, make better connections with people (especially good friends I don't get to see often), and exercise/get healthier. Towards the end of this I also want to gain a greater amount of spirituality/connection to God. 

It's amazing how selfdom and how often I reflect on life. I have done it so frequently throughout the years that it's hard for me to register when I'm actually doing it or how frequently. But it seems like these days I'm more bored, I don't have as many "epiphany's" and insights, and am generally less interested in the world. Hopefully this new shift in my life will be like taking a dive in the deep end of the pool and I'll take in more of the life around me.

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