Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ghost Issues Cont... As Usual

It's interesting that the unusual has become usual. The routine has shifted a little, but it's still the same old bull.  The ghost is polite enough not to wake me up when I'm asleep, but before bed and when I do wake up it's physicality has gotten pretty imposing. 

It's frightening to me how tangible it has gotten. It's moved from vague sense of someone being around to an invisible man. It is literally an invisible person. They may as well have a body that I'm just not able to see. The hands and fingers are felt as clearly as any living person's would. I'm still not entirely certain what its motives/plan/intentions are towards me -but it can definitely make its presence felt easily now.

There are moments when I'm afraid. There are moments when I'm annoyed. There are moments when I'm angry and frustrated. There are moments when I'm patient and quite. There are moments when I'm confident and I'm assured. None of these moments seem to make much of difference when it comes to changing the situation. I feel better when I'm confident and assured, but it doesn't stop the activity. There isn't much you can do.

I'm going to try communicating with it tonight. I'll do a version of meditation and calmly tell it I acknowledge its existence -again -but I want it to leave. It won't leave because I've been as direct, strong, and resilient as humanly possible and it hasn't phased it -but I'll say it anyway. What else can you do?

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