Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Escalating Activity

Things have been pretty quiet on the ghost front. Then last night things got intense. Around 2am I feel the presence of the ghost being projected at me to a greater extent than I've ever felt before. I don't know how to describe it. It feels like a huge energy surge and then you hear snapping sounds on the wall and your ears start to ring. At one point I heard what sounded like an electrical fuse going off. Then I felt what seemed like multiple hands touching along my back and legs and I had enough and got out of bed and started trying to connect to God and bring His presence into the room.

I also decided to do the meditation exercise Agatha had taught me. I forget how to do most of it, so I pretty much just sat on the edge of my bed and focused on connecting to God and saying these things repeatedly:

"I choose to connect to God.
I choose to connect to the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.
I ask for God to uplift my soul and help it follow the Holy Spirit within me.
I ask the Holy Spirit to take over and guide me. 
I ask that my guardian angels come down and make their presence felt here. 
I ask that God help this foreign entity cross over and find peace. 
I ask the Holy Spirit within me to help this entity find peace and leave this place.
This entity will no longer enter my room and it will leave me alone at night. 
I pray this entity find peace and cross over to wherever it belongs."

For the first 10 minutes I just experienced energy and  light and towards the end of the 10 minutes I actually felt a reassured sense of peace like nothing could bother me.

Then something definitely came into the room. There was a "shadow-like" being that stood in front of me. I felt fingers touching my leg and I tried to stay calm and just keep repeating the words in my head. I kept praying for the entity to experience peace and cross over into heaven. I kept hearing the snapping sounds on the walls. After about 5 minutes I felt the entity kind of dissipate and, feeling very tired, decided to call it a night and get back in bed. 

Then after about 30 minutes the entity started making noises by my bedroom door. It honestly felt like there was a "force field" of energy blocking it from coming in. I felt entirely incubated and safe. Then after another 10 minutes it did come in the room and I felt fingers on my back again. I gave up and just tried to fall back to sleep. It kept waking me up about every hour after that. I'd awake to this strong sense of energy coming at me and the snapping sounds on the walls. I hate this ghost. I hate so much. I just want it to freaking go away.

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