Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Yogi

I brought my sister in with me to yoga class last night -and she decided to join afterwards! 

Class wasn't as tough as Heather warned it might be. The instructor definitely focused a lot more on breathing. It's like, "Yah you're in a really uncomfortable pose and you look like an idiot, but what is your breathe doing right now and how can you better control it?" The instructor was also very body conscious so when I was doing a pose she actually gave me a bolster (comfy cushion seat) and told me to sit on it so I could better stretch. I thought the bolster would make things more comfortable until her true motives were revealed and I realized it just helped me get that much further into the painful pose.

I did realize some "zen" thoughts during the session though. 

First thought, "When your really focus in on your breathe you become very much aware that it comes in and then leaves you. Breathe and air are things that you borrow and then return."

Second thought, "Every time I'm in a stretch 'breathing into the pained areas' helps alleviate the pain and right as I'm about to sink into it further like adjusting to the temperature of an ice cold pool we're told to leave the pose and try a new one."

Third thought, "I hate this teacher."

Fourth thought, "Here comes Hell. Or I guess because I'm supposed to be in a positive space, 'Heaven'. Either way I'm about to die." 

Fifth thought, "Why this pose? Of all the poses -why this one??? PAIN!!!"

Sixth thought, "The body is like dough. It needs to be kneaded and stretched out so it can become sturdy, composed, and flexible."

Seventh thought, "If I keep at this at some point in time I will 'graduate' from this beginner's class and carry on to even harder yoga poses I never imagined I'd be capable of achieving. Just got to keep working on things."

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