Monday, May 5, 2014

More Ghost Activity

I was laying in bed with my eyes shut. At one point I saw this vague ball of light like an orb come towards my face. It was weird because my eyes were shut and I could just see the shade of the light/darkness in the room behind my eyelids. 

All of this happened in a matter of seconds -just ball of light like a water balloon coming at me then... Splat! I got this plop on my forehead where the ball of light landed. I immediately opened my eyes and looked around like... That was weird.

And I hate the ghost. It keeps lying in bed with me. When it isn't poking my legs and arms it's covering my bed as if it's spooning me or laying over me. And it's getting more physical so it really really feels like someone is literally lying next to me. It's creepy and I don't like it.

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