Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life in Order

It's amazing how important to get your life in order if you want to add something you really want to it. For instance -my apartment is a mess. It's become a scattered storage facility for my crap. It's pre-hoarder conditions and I've been avoiding cleaning it for the past year or so. But if I want to practice yoga in what little space I have available in my apartment -I need to clean it. I also need to get rid of things that are cluttering it. 

And yoga/exercise is expensive so now I have to start cutting the fat out of things I don't need -starting with my AT&T account. I've been paying for internet and TV for the past year. I haven't turned on my TV in 2 years. I've just been putting off calling them. Because of this my bill for essentially using just internet is $120 a month. :(

In my attempt to be healthy I've also run into other issues: like eating right and getting check ups. I haven't seen the dentist or my "lady" doctor yet this year. I also can't really afford to be putting bad things in my body anymore so hasta luego junk food.

If you really want your life to run smoothly you need to make sure everything is in alignment.

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