Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Admirable Homework Assignment

So Lynn my new speaking group coach also gave us homework last night. We are to choose 5 people who we admire and write down 5 qualities they have that we admire most. Then we're supposed to consolidate the list of qualities into 5 so we can see which matter most to us.

Here's my list of Favorite People I Admire (basically Aquarius and Aries):

1. First and Foremost: John Rzeznik 


2. Keith Urban


3. Abraham Lincoln 


4. Ellen Degeneres 

-Honest/ Genuine 

5. My Friend Katie 


Consolidated List of Top 5 Qualities =

1. Honest/Genuine/Real
2. Spiritual/Religious
4. Committed/Conviction 
5. Assured/Leader

A quick look at past "Top Virtues" reveals I was a genius and categorized the qualities/ideals/virtues in 3 aspects based on Self, Soul, and Relationships with Others.

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