Monday, May 5, 2014

Yoga is Expensive

So I went on a quest this past weekend to buy yoga gear -which sounds simple enough. 

First was the yoga mat. I didn't want a plain old boring one-colored yoga mat so I got one with a floral design. Turquoise blue. $20. 

Then you need the carrying case for the yoga mat. They had one that was black with the embroidered symbols of the Chakaras and their related colors. $20. 

Then you need yoga pants. The store I was in had them for $60 and up. I was like, REALLY????! $60 for some sweat pant gear? Screw this I'm going to Ross where clothes are cheaper... 

Yoga pants at Ross... $40 each. There was no getting around that one I guess. I got 2.

Yoga shirt... They have those bikini-top/sports bra looking shirts that bare your mid section. Yah no. Not going there. I want an actual SHIRT. Specifically I cami-top spaghetti strap shirt. Found a one-size-fits-all top for $5. Got 4 of those. $20. 

Went to take the informational lecture on yoga. That class was cancelled. Just went ahead and signed up for basic yoga classes. $20 covers the next 2 one-night-a-week sessions. 

This weekend's total for yoga:


Yah. Yoga is expensive...

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