Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Coach and more from the Ghost?

First let me start with updates on how hollistic life coaching has been going for me so far. 

In short, I've had no time for it. :( 

My ambitions of focusing on spirituality, presence of being, and physical exercise have gone out the window. It's still nice to meet with my life coach though and check in to share what HAS been going on.

Today she actually asked me to remind her of what the results were from the Enneagram test she had me take online back in June were. I thought I posted those on here. Alas -not so much. Luckily I was smart enough to save them in a Word doc so all was not lost. The enneagram test is like a condensed version of the Zodiac. It comes close, but is ultimately far less clear and defining. 

After taking 2 versions of the personality type test, it was found that I am most like "The Peacekeeper" (Type 9), "The Thinker" (Type 5), and the "Risk-Assessor" (Type 6). Technically I know myself so well at this point I can describe my personality on my own without reference to any personality system. Just ask.

As for Ghosts:

A couple weeks ago winter decided to set in. This means it's once again time to light the pilot light. Because I don't mess around with fir out of fear of burning down my apartment, I usually call the on-site maintenance man to come and light it for me. Because I procrastinate, I decided to just set the thermostat to 70 degrees and hope that by some miracle it would turn on by itself despite the fact I assumed the pilot light was out. 3 days later it kicked on! YAY!!!

But then the light went out by itself 2 days later and once again my apartment was cold. :(

So I was like, "Dang it now I have to go to the maintenance guy." But because I was lazy I decided to keep the thermostat set to 70 degrees and see if by some miracle it would come on again -EVEN though I KNEW it was NOT lit.

So there I was, 3 am lying in bed asleep when BAM!!! The heater kicked on. The pilot light randomly lit. Yay?... How the hell is that possible? Either way I was happy it was back on. Then 2 days later it went off again. Such a tease! 

Then 3 days later, finally, the pilot light lit itself again, after I visually verified it was in fact out. It has been lit since -so for about a week now. I took a picture of it with the fire going just so if it goes out again I ca start documenting this strange occurrence with photographic evidence. Still not quite sure how something not lit can 3 days later be lit again...

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