Monday, December 12, 2016

The "Moochy Mentality"

Alright. This has gotten old. Let’s start calling spades “spades”.

There are 2 things that need to be established.

#1 Younger Souls tend to suck at taking care of other people other than themselves –and even including themselves a lot of the time. If you look to a younger soul for guidance they will only answer out of ego and probably give you bad advice.

#2 Younger Souls suck at taking other people’s lives into account. Everything they see is from their perspective alone and they can’t quite seem to comprehend reality as it is.
And so it is that many White, “Self-Sustained” Americans have this notion that people in poverty “mooch” off others.

For example: A white, affluent woman whose assets are worth $500,000+ recently moved to Colorado. She has no job and has technically only been looking for one for about 2 months. She decided –after going back and forth 20 times because she has so many options –that she would like to work in HR. There is a HR degree she can get from a prestigious online school commended for that specific certification.

This woman is running low on funds since most of them are now tide to the house she just purchased. So with no job and no money saved up she qualifies for financial aid. She then finds out her 2 month HR training course is essentially FREE where otherwise it would have cost her $10,000. Her reaction to this is to jokingly say, “Hah! Look at me, I’m mooching off the government…” 

And there it is. Someone who has never known the struggles of poverty is receiving benefits from a system that cares for people she has never imagined the lives of and her first reaction is to condemn this service while simultaneously “mooching” off it.

If a girl is raped at 15 and starts doing drugs to distract from and cope with that pain and then finds herself living on the streets… And then someone comes along and tries to mentor her or give her resources and assistance and tells her about this program for HR (which is a career she’s interested in) and how she can get certified in 2 months and it’s free: She probably isn’t going to believe it. She’s going to rely upon the cruelties the world has inflicted and is going to say, “That kind of thing just doesn’t happen. Programs like that don’t exist.” Because she knows there are people in this life who have passed by her on the street and didn’t give a crap about her existence. The notion a system could actually work in FAVOR of people in poverty instead of against them and in perpetuation of that condition wouldn’t seem fathomable.

So the young girl roaming the streets and the white affluent woman in the house never meet. 

They never see eye to eye physically or mentally. 

And only one acknowledges the other in passing, but never in compassionate thought. 

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