Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Movements in Science

There are currently 3 movements going on in what I would call the scientific community, but let’s be honest –no one ever pays any attention to that group and the work they do tends to be thankless and under-appreciated. They analyze data and work formulas that would make your head explode all because they thirst to know the truth that deeply and everyone around just kind of goes, “Ehhh…”

#1 Environment:

I won’t go into this one that much because it’s the one most people are overtly aware of. The movement to raise awareness of the environmental state of the planet is essential. Period.

#2 Archeology:

This one is something most people wouldn’t notice or pick up on because there’s this notion that, “Everything’s already been discovered…” What people don’t realize is that there are STILL some discoveries being made and there are things be re-discovered where previous work didn’t reach fruition.

Back in the 1800s there were several different group –like the Jesuits and Freemasons –that were running around hiding valuable artifacts and leaving little clues around for people to later find. Thanks to technology, greater funding, and internet access archeologists and explorers are now better able to discern some of these clues and successfully track down things that were previously hidden.

More people in general are also aware of relics and hidden items existing than they would have been able to know of before, again thanks in part to the internet. There is a movement within the archeologist community to uncover things formerly hidden by the past because the time has come for certain things to be brought to light.

#3 Dinosaurs:

This leads us to another thing being discovered and that is a deeper understanding and a shift in theories regarding dinosaurs. Up until now most people believed dinosaurs were purely reptiles –originally deriving from fish/aquatic animals. NOW there have been recent discoveries that lead to the possibility of many of these dinosaurs actually being a hybrid between reptile and BIRD –if not bird entirely.

Several of these dinosaurs (mostly those that walk on 2 legs) have had skin samples recovered that have included feathers or the kind of skin affiliated with birds like ostriches. And if you compare the bone structure of dinosaurs like the T-Rex to a chicken or an ostrich the bone layout and gate/walk appears to be the same.

This is important to acknowledge if for no other reason than to evade the ignorance of an age. Back in the late 1800s there was a man that discovered a pterodactyl. He knew it wasn’t a dragon –which people in prior centuries had believed things like that to be. Being a scientific man, he knew dragon wasn’t possible. But he couldn’t comprehend the existence e of a new species –it just didn’t register. So instead he depicted it as being a BAT. He thought it was a bat. That was the only thing his mind would allow him to conceive of.

Looking back on everything we’ve come to know –especially given movies like Jurassic Park –we act like we have the luxury of being above such mistakes. However, if people cling to falsehood where new light is being shed of developing understandings, people will reiterate the same mistake over again.

#4 Evolution

This isn’t a topic that’s been brought up in a while, but I think it’s time to discuss.
Back in the 1960s the scientific community got together to go over some problems they were discovering with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Given how hard the scientific community fought (generally against bigoted religious groups of people) to have the theory recognized as valid –this was a pretty controversial meeting of necessity.

Basically what they found was a lack of understanding of GENETICS –which Darwin alluded to and was on the right track with, but couldn’t understand in full detail due to a lack of technological advances.

Darwin’s Theory basically stated that given the right external factors of influence over time, a mouse could evolve into an elephant.

But what scientists found was that there are genetic factors present in mice that are absent in elephants and vice versa. These DNA/genetic codes prevent one animal from evolving into another since you can’t just magically make them appear out of nowhere.

In fact, if you look at human beings in terms of genetics, we actually have more in common with a giraffe (I think that’s what it was…) than a monkey or ape. In terms of appearances and psychology monkeys/gorillas SEEM very similar, but in terms of internals –aren’t that close. There’s a “missing link” which is why some people hope that finding Bigfoot would help prove there was an overlap and connection present that allowed for the rise of one species form the other. I maintain that even if Bigfoot was found and you looked at his genetics, there would STILL be significant gaps.
So there are several puzzling issues that arise when you really look into evolution and how things came about.

#1 Mammals.

Fish evolving into Reptiles makes sense. Both are cold blooded and there are many fish-reptile animals like alligators that con meander from land into sea. That evolution from scaled being to scaled being makes sense.

Reptiles to Birds also makes sense. Especially with recent discoveries, birds and reptiles actually have a lot in common and both are cold blooded and have scales.
Something to Amphibians makes less sense. They are scaled, but out of nowhere they break rank and go warm blooded. Technically they’re still within something of the realm of possibility.

MAMMALS make NO sense. They aren’t scaled and they are warm blooded. Finding any animal –besides the duck-billed platypus- that crosses over or has anything in common with birds/fish/reptiles and even amphibians just isn’t there. They stand in stark contrast and are far more complex in terms of connection/inter-relations, psychology, and physiology. They don’t fit the pattern at all and emerge out of nowhere.

#2 Giant Comet Theory

People theories some kind of comet hit the earth and wiped everything out. Several issues.

First issue is that dinosaurs eventually gave way to modern birds and reptiles like our buddy the alligator, so not all of them could have been wiped out. Also towards the end of the reign of dinosaurs small mammals were present, so how do you go from small mammals roaming to everything being wiped out –except the small mammals and a few reptiles here and there? 

Thirdly, if a meteor hit this earth right now, or a series of meteors hit the planet –PARTS of the planets inhabitants would get wiped out but not everything. Some of the dinos would have made it. Yet all we’re left with is this notion that only little things carried on and the bigger ones were wiped out and suddenly you’ve got highly evolved Mammoths, saber tooth tigers, early humans, and other mammals roaming the earth with no dinos in sight. It doesn’t really add up.

At the end of the day it seems almost deliberate that dinos would be taken out and earth would give way to the rise of mammals.

#3 Humans

Let’s be honest, humans from the beginning weren’t like animals. To suggest we derived from animals, kind of misses the point. We build sky scrapers, put people on the moon, and blog about theories involving our own existence. Even monkeys and gorillas in spite of showing some strong similarities don’t ultimately come close to human beings in terms of development and ways of expressing life.

We have always been set above and beyond animals in that way. As someone recently put it, “Mankind is the only species capable of killing off every other species including his own.” We are different and often times not comparable to anything in terms of being top of the food chain.

Humans ride horses, swim with dolphins, and occasionally tame lions. We’re different and in terms of evolution, we make no sense and follow no previously established pattern. We’re an anomaly and kind of a big one.

All I see are big gaps and huge questions not easily answered in terms of where we come from. If there was a nice little theory that could put everything in a box and tie it up with a bow that’d be great, but it just doesn’t exist right now.

 Science can only do so much, especially when dealing with things from eons and eons ago.

It’s important to acknowledge these holes because although they trouble the mind, they are also a truth that needs to be acknowledged. 

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