Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spiritual Tracking

Don’t know how significant this will be for other people, but it’s definitely good to note.

This chart tracks where a person is at as a soul. As “pieces” of God, the soul which derives from that divinity has a natural inclination to love indiscriminately. Unfortunately this world “unteaches” that loves with things like racism, sexism, xenophobia, class warfare and so on.

This chart helps you distinguish which causes are your “Majors” and which ones are your “Minors” –and which ones you lack entirely. Majors and Minors are as they are in college. Your majors will be the subjects you have great knowledge in or great caring/empathetic compassion for. Your minors will be things you care about, but more distantly.

The categories are as follows:

-Women: ALL pains inflicted upon women kind because they are women or girls. (Genital mutilation, sexism, rape, oppression…)

-Children/Teens: ALL pains inflicted upon children because they are children. (Child soldiers, pedophilia, enslavement…)

-Nature (Animals + Environment): ALL pains inflicted upon nature and all pains within nature. (Animal abuse, corral bleaching, deforestation, natural disasters…)

-Health: This includes all health-related pains inflicted on people. (Cancer, schizophrenia, heart disease…)

-LGBTQ+: ALL pains inflicted on members of this group because they are members of this group. (Denied rights, bullying, murder…)

-Racism: ALL pains inflicted on people of races other than “white”. (Slavery, lynching, beatings…)

-War: ALL pains inflicted by war unto people. (Slavery, genocide, wounded soldiers, military abuses…)

-Love: ALL pains affiliated with denying different kinds of love. (Disowning children, hateful divorce, families divided, friends severing…)

-Societal Abuses: ALL pains inflicted upon people in part by society/culture. (Drug abuse, gun violence, poverty, government corruption…)

-The Arts (Expressions of the Soul): ALL positive forms of creativity that add value to life. (Writing, singing, dancing, painting, cooking…)

-Spirit: ALL pains afflicted upon people via spirituality and/or religion. (Negative entities, religious abuses, xenophobia, denial of rights…)

-Hell: This one’s a little harder to explain. Maybe I should change the name to Clairvoyance. It’s the ability to perceive of Heaven + Hell and the ability to make the distinction between them.

Find out which of these are your majors or you minors. Advocating for diabetes, but no other disease is a minor in Health. Advocating against child abuse, but not caring much about children starving or suffering from hunger is a minor in Children/Teens. Saying you major in women, but not including women of various races or sexual orientations is a Minor in that category. 

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